WeWork: the latest news about 2019’s soap opera of a company

WeWork: the latest news about 2019’s soap opera of a company

This summer, WeWork was expected to have one of the highest-profile IPOs ever. But then it filed its S-1 paperwork, and everything came crashing down.

The S-1 itself was a trip — it began with the phrase “We dedicate this to the energy of we,” revealed the myriad ways its own CEO Adam Neumann was a risk factor, and outlined a succession plan that, if anything happened to Neumann, let his wife or a family trustee pick a new CEO. The IPO collapsed shortly after. Then, a wild profile of Neumann came out, with a story of how he once brought a cereal box full of weed on a private jet to Israel. Under continued criticism, Neumann eventually quit — and walked away with nearly $1.7 billion as part of a buyout from SoftBank, which has since taken over majority ownership of WeWork.

This all happened in a little over two months. Now, SoftBank is trying to pick up the pieces of WeWork and move forward — and it could be a difficult road ahead. Follow all of the news and updates on 2019’s soap opera of a company right here.

November 8

WeWork is divesting itself from its ‘non-core businesses,’ including a wave pool company

WeWork will focus on office space

November 8

WeWork’s workers are organizing

The WeWorkers Coalition announced its existence this morning

November 6

SoftBank’s chairman admits he blew it with WeWork after disastrous earnings

“My judgement in investment was not right in many ways.”

November 1

WeWork could be forming a gaming division

But who knows if it will actually launch

October 22

SoftBank takes over 80 percent of WeWork

Former Sprint CEO elected executive chairman

October 22

WeWork founder will get nearly $1.7 billion to let SoftBank take over his company

Forget golden parachutes; this is a golden escape pod

September 18

I got a contact high just reading this bananas profile of WeWork’s founder

What is the founder of WeWork smoking? Weed — a lot of weed

August 15

WeWork isn’t a tech company; it’s a soap opera

I dedicate this to the energy of We

March 20, 2017

Does anybody know the password for the WeWork espresso machine

A hell of beans


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