We’ve Got Your Back: A Celebration of School

We’ve Got Your Back: A Celebration of School

Ogechi Adele

Just a few weeks ago, Western Wealth Capital gave out a total of 200 backpacks full of school supplies at their Stockbridge properties to prepare young kids for their upcoming school year. Western Wealth Capital, a multifamily real estate investment group, celebrated its Fourth Annual We’ve Got Your Back event, through which they’ve gifted 3500 backpacks with $100,000 worth of school supplies across 40 communities nationwide. As a successful firm, they’ve dealt over a billion dollars in transactions and average 30% on returns and 76% on equity; this summer event is their opportunity to give back and share some generosity and gratitude with the communities and families inhabiting their properties. In Stockbridge specifically, Western Wealth hired ZRS Management to head their Bridgewater at Mt. Zion and Southwinds Points properties as they build their ownership portfolio in Georgia’s and Atlanta’s real estate markets. ZRS Management’s relationship with the real estate capital group is fundamentally a business one, but it took a more philanthropic shape as ZRS organized the first We’ve Got Your Back event at these new properties.

 July 16th, these Stockbridge apartment complexes came alive as residents poured out of their respective homes to gather with ZRS organizers. Amidst the DJ’s blaring music, the pool’s splashing water, and the children’s simultaneous laughter and dancing, ZRS Management handed out backpacks to the apartments’ families. Property manager Collin Lowey described the purpose of the event as a “celebration of support for the school year”. The atmosphere encouraged a rare excitement and a comforting preparedness for the year of education to come. But how does a real estate capital group focused of managing millions in investments concern itself with such a specific cause? Lowey explained the Western Wealth’s founder Janet LePage was inspired by a visit to one of her own properties. A few years ago, LePage witnessed backpacks handed out to young kids nearby and it dawned on her that as CEO of a successful firm with proprietorship over communities of residents with very real families and very real needs, she absolutely has the capacity to do the same. She saw a way she could promote the importance of education and allow kids and parents to start the school year off with confidence.

Ever since LePage’s dedication to support not only the education of these children but also, by proxy, the future of American communities, Western Wealth has received donations to provide hundreds of thousands of backpacks full of supplies. At the Bridgewater at Mt. Zion property in Stockbridge alone, there was an overflow of backpacks and as a commitment to serving the local community, the surplus was given to the elementary school in which the property is zoned. Lowey found this summer’s event to be an emotional experience, as she watched families line up with apprehension and uncertainty towards the generosity. Their slight trepidation quickly dissipated into a joy that lit up faces and sprung the recipients into celebration. Ben Jerry’s ice cream melting in hand, kids danced in unusual but welcomed praise for school in August. When asked if ZRS planned to hold this event at the same properties next year, Lowey answered with a resounding yes

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