We Invest Our Time In What We Value

We Invest Our Time In What We Value

3.5 million high school students graduate every year and they are not all going to College. They will be faced with some important life decisions that will have an impact on their careers. 

Imagine for a second that you just finished high school and you want to work as a Welder. If you don’t know any welders, it will be difficult to learn what it’s like to do the job. Most people are risk averse, we don’t go to a new restaurant without spending a few minutes on Yelp. 

So how does one learn what it’s really like to do a certain job if they don’t have access to people in the industry? 

I launched Goadilo to address this.   

My vision is a platform where anyone can learn first-hand about what it’s like to work in high growth trades, professions, and unique careers. 

The process is simple I find people working in these professions, and one of the first questions I ask is the following: 

“Would you take 5 minutes to share what you do with a young person for them to learn about what it’s like to do your job?” 

I have worked in sales for over 20 years and have learned peoples most valuable asset is their time, and they will only invest it in what they value. As it pertains to helping people there are clearly two distinct camps: people that help and those that don’t. I have made the process easy and convenient to make it a little easier for people to say yes. 

The number one reason people tell me why they agree to be featured on the site: 

“Someone helped me when I started my career and I want to pay it forward” 

One guy told me “I love the idea you are doing righteous work” 

I don’t always get a positive response. I had a woman spend 15 minutes talking with me about her work and about 5 minutes on Goadilo.  She concluded the call by saying she did not have 10 minutes to share her career story on Goadilo. Would have been nice if she had not wasted 20 minutes of my time. Clearly people invest time in the things they value, it’s never a time issue. What if I told her and this hypothetical: I will pay you $100,000? Do you think she would have done the interview? 

I believe any important decision regarding your career begins with relevant information. Real world stories from people who have lived the experience tend to resonate with us more. When I was growing up I remember reading books and learning about the civil rights movements. It was nothing like my father sharing some of his actual experiences during that time. 

 Goadilo uses story’s and social media to expose its audience to career fields that are growing and have a high demand for workers. By far the most effective way to learn about something is from someone who has done it before. This only works when someone agrees to share what they do. I often tell people talking about what you do is the easiest thing you will do in a day, yet it can have the biggest impact on someone’s life aspiring to pursue the career field your working in. 

For more information visit Goadilo.com


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