The United Way and the Champ Bailey Foundation Teams Up to Combat Homelessness in South Fulton

The United Way and the Champ Bailey Foundation Teams Up to Combat Homelessness in South Fulton

Atlanta, GA- Business owners and influencers across the metro Atlanta area gathered to celebrate the success of regions premier lifestyle magazine South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine. The event hosted by Publisher Michelle Taylor Willis is a night to celebrate the success of the region of South Fulton and a night to give back. Recently the South Fulton area affectionally called SoFu has seen economic growth due to the large success of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Even though the region is on the rise and was recently awarded the Development of Excellence Award in the category of “Great Place” by Atlanta Regional Commission, South Fulton still has its challenges including homelessness.

“The United Way gave me a commitment 3 years ago that all the money I raised in South Fulton will stay in South Fulton.” Stated Michelle Taylor Willis, United Way of Greater Atlanta South Fulton Campaign Chair. “The money we raise will affect our youth no matter if they are Black, White, Yellow, Green, whatever it’s in SoFu.”

The United Way currently ranks regions by a child well-being score. The scores scaled 0 –100, determine how well children thrive in communities and neighborhoods. The current collective child well-being score for South Fulton is 39.1.

“There are 43,000 children in South Fulton living that situation…it’s a crisis…it’s almost an epidemic” stated Denise Townsend, Regional Director, United Way Northeast Region. “With all of these numbers and attention where do we focus? College and career readiness, people that are not financially stable and those that are cost burdened.”

At the event, Willis announced that former NFL player, Champ Bailey, and the Champ Bailey Foundation would be working with the United Way to help end homelessness in South Fulton.

“In Denver, I really realized the impact that I could have in my community and I naturally gravitated to the homeless community”, stated Bailey. “I’m in Atlanta and I want to take care of this community, it was a no brainer to team up with the United Way in South Fulton…this is the community I want to help more than anything.”

The United Way of Greater Atlanta invests in more than 200 programs in 13 counties through the United Way Child Well-Being Impact Fund.  To date, the United Way has raised over $25 million for child well-being initiates. On this night this group would raise over $4,000. Funds that will be used to help the children and families in South Fulton.

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