The Atlanta Business Journal launches a small business boot-camp series

The Atlanta Business Journal launches a small business boot-camp series
By Marc Parham,
Small Business Expert, CAPBuilder Network Group,,


The Atlanta Business Journal is launching a Small Business Weekend Boot Camp focused on helping business owners learn how to start and grow their businesses.

Boot-camp style learning has become a very popular alternative to the standard classroom type training. Why? Instead of attending weekly 2-hour sessions for twelve hours, the participants attend four 4-hours sessions on the weekend or one day during the week. The participants feel that this is a better use of their time, they receive more information and can get through the training more quickly.

The Atlanta Business Journal is using this boot-camp model to start providing training to small business owners.

With over 30 years providing informative articles, interviews and other information to the Atlanta market the Atlanta Business Journal realizes how important it is for business owners to get the right education to keep growing their businesses.

The one major issue? When can the busy business owner find time to take classes or workshops to increase their business knowledge? Watching YouTube videos just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

Most workshops are offered during the week after work hours and sometimes during the day.

After working all day, even if you can make the workshop, you are tired and can have trouble focusing on the great information that may be right there in front of you.

Creed Parnell the publisher of Atlanta Business Journal and Marc Parham small business expert, radio show host and director of the Entrepreneurship Center for the Urban League of Greater Atlanta have collaborated to create a great solution.

A four-session weekend boot camp series that will provide the training and education you need to evaluate where you are, determine where you want to go and develop a strategic plan on how to get there.

Participants will attend a four session, four-hour interactive training workshop for three consecutive Saturdays and pitch their business at the fourth session to a panel of experts that will give them advise and comments about their business.

The topics covered in each session will be.

• Session 1 – Is small business the right fit for you and the steps to starting a small business

• Session 2 – Learn how to organize your business and understanding insurance, banking and taxes.

• Session 3 – How to market your business to the right customers and how to pitch your business.

• Session 4 – Pitch your business to a panel of experts and receive competition certificates.

The participants will also receive one, 1-on-1 business coaching session with an expert business coach to discuss their ideas or ways to grow their business.

The bootcamp sessions will begin on Saturday, February 22, 2020 at the Business Development Initiative, located at 2481 Greenbriar Parkway, Suite #104, Atlanta, 30331. For more information or to register, go to:

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