Sheriff Victor Hill Solves Street Racing Problem in One Night

Sheriff Victor Hill Solves Street Racing Problem in One Night

Since Covid-19, street racing has become a major nuisance in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, especially in the City of Atlanta. This has caused both residents and business owners grief as many fault local elected leaders for not tackling the issue. Sheriff Victor Hill seems to have resolved the problem in one night after the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested eighty-eight street racers who attempted to organize their race in Sheriff Hill’s county.

Obviously, these “racers” were driving too fast when they crossed the Clayton County line because multiple signs posted at the entrances of Clayton County gives a warning to those who intend on breaking the law. These Eighty-eight street racers entering Clayton County did not see the posted signs with the gold star badge of Sheriff Hill warning criminals that they are entering at their own risk.

According to the report, the racers gathered at the Sam’s Club parking lot on Jonesboro Rd. Members of Sheriff Victor Hill’s elite COBRA Unit, Blackhawk Unit, and Tactical Patrol called Clayton County Police for back up and strategically block off every exit available for the racers and deployed spike strips to flatten their tires if they decided to run. Once closing off all areas of escape, deputies and officers went from car to car and arrested all eighty-eight of the street racing crew. Multiple firearms were seized and at least 50 of the vehicles were towed. 16 juveniles were present and their parents were issued tickets upon arrival to pick up their children.

Another street racer in a gray Dodge Charger Hell Cat found out the hard way that Clayton County does not have a “no chase” policy. The suspect, later identified as Eric Gallegos, attempted to run from a Sheriff’s Deputy according to the report. Mr. Gallegos’ got the bumper of his Hell Cat knocked off in a PIT (pursuit intervention technique) maneuver executed by the deputy. Once the deputy obtained the tag information identifying the suspect, the pursuit was terminated before they went into a more populated area. Sheriff Victor Hill Has given Eric Gallegos until sundown to turn himself in. If Gallegos does not turn himself in by the allotted time, members of the Sheriff’s Fugitive Squad will bring him in.

Meanwhile, eighty-eight street racers are now facing the wall at Georgia’s toughest para-military jail better known to the world as “The-Hill-Ton”. The business community and residents are applauding the swift actions of Sheriff Hill, deputies and officers involved. According to one business owner, “the safest county to do business around the metro is Clayton County”. Sheriff Hill did not respond to our attempts at an interview.

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