Scarlett Johansson & Adam Driver Spent Two Days Screaming at Each Other While Filming New Movie

Scarlett Johansson & Adam Driver Spent Two Days Screaming at Each Other While Filming New Movie

Scarlett Johansson strikes a stunning and colorful pose on the cover of AS IF Magazine‘s new issue, on newsstands this week!

Here’s what the 34-year-old recently engaged Avengers: Endgame actress had to share with the mag:

On shooting her upcoming, untitled Noah Baumbach film with Adam Driver (see the latest set pics here): “I did a job with Adam Driver recently which is coming out later this year. We spent two entire days screaming at each other, brutally screaming and fighting for two full days. It was exhausting, but if I didn’t have as strong an actor as Adam to take all stuff I was giving him I would have been lost. For me, working with other actors is a really important part of what I do… it’s everything.”

On filming 2013′s Under the Skin: “I remember when we were shooting Under the Skin in Scotland and it was about 7 degrees outside—it was so cold. At that point my character was wet all the time because I spent a big portion of the film outside and it was raining and snowing. My hair and clothes were always wet from the rain machines and actual rain. I was completely drenched and cold. In between takes the costume director would give me a warming jacket because I’m sure she saw I was turning blue, and the director Jonathan Glazer pulled her aside and asked her to stop giving me the jacket.”

On filming 2003′s Lost in Translation: “[People will] say to me, that movie means everything to me, I was living that experience. You see, I was 17 when I made that movie, I was having my own experience that was very different to what the character I was playing was experiencing. The way audiences perceived my character was feeling and experiencing was, in actuality, very different from what I, the actor, was feeling and experiencing making the movie. I never assumed that my experience was something others could relate to because it was so specific to me and to where I was in my life. I can’t begin to tell you how many people thought that film was about travel and being a stranger in a strange land. I’m always so amazed when I get those comments. To me, Lost in Translation was so specific to a young woman experiencing her loss of innocence, and her profound relationship with a stranger made the experience transformative. To me, the film was so much more about the relationship the between my character and Bill Murray’s character than being in a foreign land. The fact that she was in a place alien to her made it possible for her to get a perspective on her life that she wouldn’t have had in her own familiar surroundings and being suffocated by the expectations of those around her.”

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