Rashad Richey Helps Fulton Magistrate Court Empower Residents

Rashad Richey Helps Fulton Magistrate Court Empower Residents

Dr. Rashad Richey is a popular Metro-Atlanta talk radio personality and current law student at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School who has overcome significant challenges to become a beacon for change locally and nationally. Richey is now utilizing his experiences, expertise and coalition building background to work with Magistrate Court of Fulton County and develop specialty programs to bridge gaps between communities and the court.

Richey was appointed by Chief Judge Cassandra Kirk to develop and enhance outreach opportunities to educate residents and court-users on legal processes, find community remedies for potential evictions, enhance relationships with nonprofits, and provide support to various existing community initiatives.

During Richey’s tenure, he has been able to coordinate programs to help residents avoid evictions, increase the Court’s outreach with community groups, create opportunities for youthful offenders seeking mentorship, implement a county-wide toy drive for foster kids during the holidays, develop partnerships with well-known and reputable organizations like Hosea Helps to provide free legal clinics and enhanced the overall connectivity between the community and Magistrate Court.

When Richey was asked about his already busy schedule and how magistrate court fits in, he said, “I’m thankful to serve. God gave me a second chance at life and I try to use every minute of my day to make a positive impact. The work at Magistrate Court is nonstop because the need is nonstop. That’s why they are affectionately known as the people’s court because so many people utilize their services. Even when the hours are long, it’s worth seeing the impact of helping a family stay in their home, coordinating free legal clinics for those who cannot afford an attorney, and working to ensure communities know their options and rights.
Richey has brought organizations on-board like STAND, Inc. to help provide support for participants in Mental Health Court and even organized businesses to assist with paying rent for Fulton residents who were feeling the financial impact of Covid-19. “When Rashad came to me about becoming a housing and rehabilitative services partner with Fulton Magistrate Court, I was unaware that the need was so massive. A year later and we’re looking to roll out another program to further help those in need who come through Judge Kirk’s court”, said Charles Sperling, Executive Director of STAND, Inc.
Almost daily, Richey works with organizations and community leaders like Richard Rose, President of the Atlanta NAACP, to help develop and maintain a responsive court. “Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk has been a true change agent in her quest for justice and service to the citizens of Fulton County. That includes assembling a team of full-time judges, part-time judges, and support staff and consultants. Adding Dr. Rashad Richey is consistent with her high standards and her commitment to providing efficient access to the court. Richey has experience beyond his years along with his education and never-ending quest for knowledge. He has demonstrated his devotion to service to the community”, said Rose.
Mrs. Elisabeth Omilami, CEO & President of Hosea Helps said, “Chief Judge Cassandra Kirk was insightful enough to appoint Dr. Richey to this role and it has proven to be a great benefit to Fulton County and to Hosea Helps. Inc. We have enjoyed helping others through our partnership with the court.”
Richey has always had a heart for the youth. “I was once a young knucklehead and know what it’s like to lack opportunity… I also know what it’s like to have it”, said Richey. Melvin Coleman, Executive Director of the Atlanta Black Chambers worked with Richey to create a mentorship program for young offenders. “We’ve been working with Rashad for a while through the Fulton County Magistrate Court. His ability to connect the dots is second to none. Fulton Residents are being well served”, said Coleman.
Fulton Chief Magistrate Judge Cassandra Kirk has developed a reputation for being an accessible and effective public official. “Being able to partner with the organizations and opportunities available through Dr. Richey has been a sea change for our Court. His vision mirrors mine for the Magistrate Court that informs, engages and empowers our community. It is crucial we connect with and are responsive to those we serve and in this, Dr. Richey has been instrumental,” said Kirk.

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