Raising Significance Is The Perfect Guide for Parenting

Raising Significance Is The Perfect Guide for Parenting

Author Michelle Taylor Willis shares words of advice and instruction for creating a learning, loving environment for your children. As a mother of four, she has created rules to live by that she’s tested and believes that any parent can use to raise confident and independent kids.

Willis asks the questions, “What kind of kids do you want to raise? Do you want to raise contributing members of society or game changers?” She’s hoping the answer is game changers! The book will give parents some key points to raising those game changers, along with nuggets that can assist parents in being more efficient, productive, and sane. From the beginning, Willis’s solutions create a platform that is built on the first principles of obedience and respect. With these principles in place, Michelle believes that any parent can use her simple rules to teach and enhance the lives of their kids.

A quick read, this book features words of encouragement and confirmation from a pediatrician and a well-known judge. The book also features a resource section of articles, books and other materials that can assist with promoting positive parenting skills. Is it foolproof? Michelle says no, but she stands by her formula that she’s had an opportunity to perfect as a wife and enterprising mother of four boys. So for her, the ups and downs are worth the risk when you
are raising significance.

Available online at www.michelletaylorwillis.com and other retailers such as Amazon and Books-A-Million.


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