Providing Safe Unpolluted Water

Providing Safe Unpolluted Water

In 1986, after a 5-year stint in the USAF, Nimon Bondurant started a business venture with his best friend and cousin, Tyson Bondurant. The company, DataCapture Inc., would create early groundbreaking technological advancements in the newly evolving desktop publishing industry. In the mid 80’s, Desktop publishing was in its infancy.

Early technologies, including the PC and the optical scanners, were making their way into the marketplace. Nimon and Tyson recognized early that optical scanners, which could read and type text from a paper, could possibly replace the manual entering of documents. They started a company called DataCapture Corp. and purchased Microtek ms300a scanners. Next, they developed their own software which increased the speed of the scanners by over 800%, and allowed the scanners to recognize many foreign languages.

Nimon’s tenacity landed them substantial contracts including Lexus Nexus, the Foreign Technologies division of the US government (FTD), Atlanta Centers for Disease Control (NIOSH), and Boeing Aircraft. The company grew to over 40 employees, and 40,000 square feet of office space.

In 1993, Nimon’s computer became infected with a virus that he could not remove using the programs offered at that time. After weeks of frustration of being unable to remove it from his work computer, Nimon decided to take matters into his own hands. He didn’t know anything about antivirus software, but believed one could be made with the right talent. Using a substantial part of his savings, Nimon hired a company to create a software program using Artificial Intelligence (A/I), something unique to the market at that time. Nimon surmised that while it was not possible to learn every virus because each was different, A/I would
allow his antivirus program to watch for suspicious activity, determine if it was harmful, and then quarantine it. Later
that year IMMUNE II A/I based Antivirus software was born.

Four months later, his company Higher Ground Software Inc. was one of the very first African-American owned utility software companies in the US, Canada, and South America with products in all of the major computer retail stores.

In the summer of 2013, the idea of a water purification device came about because a portable car wash vendor stopped by Nimon’s home and asked to wash his automobiles. Nimon watched as over a hundred of gallons of water went down the drain, just to clean his cars. It occurred to Nimon that was an incredible waste of water, Nimon asked the car wash owner why he didn’t recycle the
water he used. The gentlemen replied that such a device would add several hundred pounds to his work vehicle, damage his axel, and the cost was far too expensive. Finding himself in a familiar place of addressing a challenge, Nimon set out to make a portable purifier for businesses like this one. He began drafting ideas for a purifier that could remove all matter and retain just the water. It took months of research, investment, and tinkering in his garage.

In February 2015, Nimon achieved his goal. Build 37 (now known as “The CamelTrain”) was finished and he conducted his test the way he usually did, with red dye. If you can filter out color, you can filter out anything. Nimon had the water tested, and confirmed that it was clean, in fact is was not just clean it was near reverse osmosis level clean, which meant it was drinkable.
Excited about his invention Nimon emailed his cousin Tyson the results, then he noticed an email in his inbox called “Sick Water” which was a document produced by United Nations Environment Protection Organization. It was odd because Nimon had never looked this up, and never contacted them at all. After reading it, Nimon realized that he has found his purpose in life: to offer clean,
uninfected, unpolluted, safe water to those who need it, wherever they need it.