Nurses Unite for UAPRN and GNA's Unity Conference

Nurses Unite for UAPRN and GNA's Unity Conference

Elisha Castillo

The Unity Movement is a joint initiative started by the United Advanced Practice Nurses (UAPRN) of Georgia and the Georgia Nurses Association (GNA), to support the achievement of nursing excellence through the energy that occurs when all nurses group together and solves issues within the job. UAPRN hopes to attract every nurse in the Georgia area to educate about optimal health care and unify the nurses as one.

UAPRN of GA represents Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who are ready to address the issues relating to legislative and practice areas and to support the advancement of the APRN role. UAPRN of GA is organized for the following purposes:

  • To become a collective voice for all APRNs in Georgia.
  • To educate the public regarding advanced nursing practice.
  • To address legislative and political issues related to health care and barriers to advanced nursing practice in Georgia.
  • To advocate for and provide accessible, quality health care for all Georgians.
  • To promote collaboration and unification of all APRNs in Georgia.
  • To provide professional role identification and mentorship to nursing colleagues, students, and new APRNs.
  • To promote, support and perform nursing research that includes practice, management, and legislative issues.


Did you know that nurses are the largest professional group in Georgia? Networking is essential for every job field of life. To get you further than the average nurse, you must have connections to your peers and upper management. Believe it or not, one of the hardest fields to network is in the medical field. Specifically, nurses have a difficult time making meaningful connections with their peers. This is how the United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia came about. State President Michelle Nelson knew that the Georgia nurses needed a safe space to learn, educate, and create to grow a positive outcome in the community. Their goal is to become unified and ultimately have one voice.

The Unity Conference, which is in its third year, has received nothing but phenomenal reviews from their attendees. They have said positive things like, “These lady’s are highly professional. Best money ever spent!” and

“Excellent APRN resource and networking organization. A must for Georgia Advance Practice Providers!!”

It is clear to say, UAPRN of GA is the best organization for Advanced Practice Nurses and even other professionals in the medical industry.

UAPRN is inviting all of our brothers and sisters from all areas of healthcare as well as all areas of the community to join us as we seek out to strengthen access to healthcare in Georgia!

Georgia has ranked 42nd for state health care system performance, according to a recent study by the Commonwealth Fund. There are two issues that have risen to the top about healthcare in Georgia: a revamp of how the state controls where hospitals and clinics can open and what services they offer, and a possible Medicaid expansion through the use of waivers. There are also issues regarding affordability and accessibility to healthcare. Georgia has one of the highest healthcare prices and two out of five Georgians are low-income based.

A Nurse’s job is to provide comfort, compassion, and care to every patient. UAPRN nurses do not only wish to serve their patients but also their fellow nurses to educate them about healthcare issues. To help solve this issue, the government can expand Medicaid eligibility and improve insurance options. UAPRN believes in educating Georgia residents about optimal healthcare to provide proper healthcare.

UAPRN of GA has a fun-filled weekend planned for this Fall 2019! The conference will be held at Hilton Atlanta Downtown on October 31st. On the first day, the pre-conference will take place along with a full day of workshops. Later in the day will be the evening meet and greet reception (great networking opportunity). November 1st is the first day of the Main Conference Offering. Later in the day is the huge event, the Masquerade-themed Gala. Food will be provided along with a live Jazz band. November 2nd is the second day of the Main Conference Offering.

Tickets are limited, so book now at the special rate by clicking on the below link and following the instructions. Don’t miss out on this spectacular event. Register for the Unity Conference

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