Music content elevates economic growth for artist and black-owned small business w/ Parking Lot Concert Series

Music content elevates economic growth for artist and black-owned small business w/ Parking Lot Concert Series

The release of music content has been extremely robust lately due to the lack of touring and live concerts. Music labels and artist management have up their artist digital marketing efforts for streaming, created intimate fan interaction with living room/quarantine concerts, created fan interaction apps, IG lives and more. With this robust, many music mecca cities such as Atlanta, are keeping their finger on the pulse on coming with new innovative ways by keeping fans engaged and allowing artists to perform in safe spaces. Especially since, GA is one the main states who’s “extremely open” despise the growing concern of covid. Even though clubs have opened back up and artists are being booked left and right for those appearances, something extremely unique has unveiled for live music and community engagement. That will be the Parking Lot Concert Series. Created by David Leeks and Allen Parks of Street Execs Management Firm, this concert series has turned our nostalgic music memory lane into a parking lot reality.

Popping off the concert series with it’s artists Skooly and Travis Porter, Leeks and Parks have utilized this series as out of the box tool to expand the content of their artist on digital platforms, artist to consumer engagement, B2B and B2C. For the past 13-14 weeks this concert series has had an organic following that has gained attention not just from fans but small black-own business owners. With the small number of PPP loans being distributed to black-owned businesses and being wrongly distributed to bigger corporations, these businesses have seen a silver lining for themselves with this concert series. Helping create revenue and exposure for their business, many black owners see the ROI of being a vendor at PLCS. The creators/owners of parking lot concert had some detail things to share when it came to the community engagement, artist branding and marketing activation of this concert series:

1. Explain the concept and strategy for parking lot concert series and how your team was able to execute?

a. David- Parking lot concert series started off as a marketing activation for our artist Skooly newest album “Nobody Likes Me” We noticed the response and nostalgia from the crowd and vendors, so we continued. We knew this was something that’ll bring back the joy to the city and community with everything that is going on.

2. What has been the value of the parking lot concert series for the artist you book?

a. Allen: We light a fire right back under them. We give them a great platform and a great show. The city definitely loves all the artists. They get extra bookings and gain new brand relationships. We put them back in a time where they are the “IT” thing. It felt good to do all those things for those artists and bring them back together, like the Franchise for instance. They haven’t performed together in so long and they performed together at A-Town Bash part 1 on the 4th of July. That was a good moment. Even Crime Mob with bringing Diamond back. It was true to culture because it was the real deal. The numbers were real and real fan

engagement from the crowd. The authenticity of the city and that time capsule of that era that we brought to the stage was live. It felt nostalgic like being back in 2008-2010. The value is there for the artist and the fans.

3. Describe the digital engagement, b2b engagement and face to face engagement for the consumers and vendors.

a. David: We are passionate fans first and business owners second. We are big fans and passionate about what we do and how we do it. We want to make sure everyone wins. That’s the quality of this business, so we are invested in making the careers of our artist win. When they win we all win. Seeing the city of Atlanta dormant specifically for the music industry. With the whole controversy with Governor Kemp and the Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms you know clubs/lounges, and restaurants, and indoor concert venues were close, but now they open back up. Since they’ve opened back up they are doing record breaking numbers. You don’t really need an artist to book for people to pack out a club now. People are coming from different cities and states just to come and get away from their state because Georgia is the one of the few states that are open. We are providing avenues not just for the artists but for small businesses too. We are taking a very agile approach to make sure that we help out small businesses like ourselves. We know how the economy is going, as you saw in the news; but for a lot of black-owned businesses they are having a harder time getting PPP loans. This is definitely an effort to give back to our community and in an authentic way.

4. With the industry adjusting to covid, how are you all strategically creating digital marketing strategies and revenue for your artist to stay a float?

a. Allen: Our goal is to keep going with that type of stuff. With the virtual shows and everything in the business with content. Have a strong digital campaign. Have a lot of virtual shows and strategic partners that still reach the fans. In general have that engagement and intimacy of live performances. We just got to adapt and adjust to the marketplace going on and looking at what’s going on in the marketplace right now. So we’re rolling out the music and planning on doing virtual shows. With the social distance shows, we are trying to create a new normal, show people how to really move during covid.The parking lot concert series is showing that as we take this from city to city and state to state and it’d be a platform for our artist and other artists too.

5. Projection for 2021, how will you continue to elevate parking lot concert series? What do you feel you all need to do differently?

a. Allen: I would like to get a couple of caliber artists in the park. I would like to see a new venue. We like to continue to be successful, positive, clean and good energy. Just being in the park and seeing the people on the back of their trucks and pulling out their food and their cooler to have a good time is a refreshing feeling. When you are in the performance arts arena seeing people have a good time is really a special thing.

Parking Lot Concert series continues to elevate their acts each week so fans and the community business owners can keep coming back for more. During this time, economic recovery is important as everyone tries to operate in the unknown and create a new normal. The team of parking lot series is doing just that. For more updates on how to be a vendor and their next line for parking lot concert series follow them on IG @Parkinglotconcert

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