“Tapping into Your Unstoppable: Exceptional Parents Celebration,” Designed to Uplift and Encourage Parents, Caregivers of Children with Disabilities

 Atlanta, GA….Thursday, April 4, 2019…In many ways, Mother’s Day is as much of an anticipated holiday as Christmas, when people can show their love and appreciation for the mothers that brought them into the world, loved, nurtured and taught them things they needed to survive and thrive.  However, that day can also be a very sensitive and emotional time for mothers of children and adults with disabilities, whose children may not even know that this is a time to celebrate their mothers and show how much they love them.

It is for this reason why Norma Stanley, owner of E.E.E. Marketing Group, a diversity and inclusion public relations firm that specializes in developing marketing programs to reach the disability community, has held the Exceptional Moms Celebration for over five years, to encourage, uplift and even pamper mothers of children with disabilities for a few hours.  Also recognizing that many fathers of differently-able children don’t always get the recognition they deserve, fathers will also be celebrated at this year’s event.

“This can be particularly true for moms of babies and toddlers, who have recently discovered their children have disabilities and developmental delays, and may not be able to do the things typical children do, at typical ages,” said Stanley,  who is also an author, speaker and singer . ”Parenting children and adults with disabilities is a daily, life-long challenge and most parents who find themselves in this situation learn to quickly take on the fight for the future of their children, armed with nothing more than determination, courage, tenacity and unconditional love,” said Stanley, the mother of a now adult daughter, born with cerebral palsy.  “As a result, I wanted to help encourage and empower these mothers and let them know they are not alone in their fight, by holding the Exceptional Moms Celebration,” she shared.

The Exceptional Parents Celebration is typically an intimate  gathering of about 50-100 people, that features motivational speakers, entertainment and a light reception afterwards.  The event is usually held on the Saturday prior to the official Mother’s Day weekend, so as not to interfere with any celebrations planned for the official Mother’s Day weekend.

This year’s event theme is, “Tapping into Your Unstoppable”,” and will be co-hosted by Radio Personality Twanda Black, Public Affairs Director of WALR-104.1FM and Adrion Bell, communications director for The City of Stonecrest.  In addition to Stanley, speakers and performers include other parents of children and adults with disabilities, who are also disability community advocates.  Among them are Transformational Psychologist, Dr. Fiyah Oates;  Dr. Kim Martin, a certified spiritual life coach and author; Teresa Wright-Johnson, owner of MommyCare, Inc. and Rahn Anthoni,  founder of They Can’t Talk, But We Can non-profit.  Entertainers include Independent Recording Artists, Rahn Anthoni, Altovise Andrews, Nella-Joi aka Norma Stanley, and The Salt and Light Truth Center Ensemble.

“The Exceptional  Parents Celebration will be an inspirational, empowering and fun-filled event for parents, caregivers, friends and advocates of differently able children and adults,” said Stanley.  “There will also be fun prizes and giveaways for those in attendance and I’m so appreciative to those who are supporting this effort,” she said.

Sponsors of the Exceptional Parents Celebration, include E.E.E. Marketing Group, WALR 104.1FM,  Fashion by D’Shacourt Studio, Accessible Travel  and Scultures Body Spa.

The Exceptional  Parents Celebration will be held on Saturday, May 4 from 11:00a.m-2:00p at AEI Start Up Factory, located at 7310 Stonecrest Concourse, Stonecrest, GA 30038. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at

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