Mom Creates Event to Positively Impact Parents of Children and Adults with Disabilities for Mother's Day

Mom Creates Event to Positively Impact Parents of Children and Adults with Disabilities for Mother's Day

Annual Event Created to Uplift, Encourage Moms and Dads of Children and Adults with Disabilities Who Don’t Know It’s Mother’s or Father’s Day

Atlanta, GA…Tuesday, March 23, 2021…Mother’s Day is generally a time when children go all out to show their mother’s how much they love them with messy attempts at making special meals, heart-felt original poems or self-made gifts most mothers treasure forever. However, when a child has intellectual developmental disabilities, they may not understand the significance of that day, which can be a sensitive and even depressing time for mothers of such children.

It was for this reason that Norma Stanley, the mother of a daughter born with intellectual and physical developmental disabilities, decided to create an event that celebrated and encouraged mothers during this challenging time. For more than seven years, Stanley held the Exceptional Moms Celebration, featuring inspirational speakers, entertainment, gifts and even a small reception she catered herself, for up to 100 mothers of children with disabilities. However, this year, the celebration is designed to include dads as well, because she says committed fathers of these children don’t always get the recognition they deserve, and the same thing applies for dads of these children when Father’s Day rolls around.

“The Exceptional Parents Celebration is about sharing the love, as well as supporting and encouraging both parents of children with all kinds of disabilities, but particularly those with intellectual disabilities, because those children don’t understand what Mother’s Day and Father’s Day means,” shared Stanley, owner of E.E.E. Marketing Group, an Atlanta-based multicultural marketing communications and diversity, equity and inclusion consulting firm, whose daughter was born with cerebral palsy due to some type of trauma to the brain during delivery. “I didn’t expect to get so sad every year around Mother’s Day when my daughter was little, but I did and no one knew it and I remember looking forward to writing poems, making gifts and making breakfast for my own mom when I was little, memories we both treasured well into my adulthood,” she continued. “I realized that if it was bothering me that my child through no fault of her own couldn’t show the love I knew felt, then other moms and dads were probably feeling the same way, so I created an event designed to support and encourage them,” she said.

The Exceptional Parents Celebration, which didn’t happen in 2020 due to the pandemic, will be held virtually this year and Stanley hopes that allows for more families to be able to participate. The event, themed “Live, Laugh and Love,” will feature expert speakers, as well as a variety of entertainment.

In addition to Stanley who will serve as host of the event, speakers will include Nadine Vogel, the mother of two adult daughters with disabilities and founder of Springboard Global Enterprises and Disability Mama, a non-profit that empowers, celebrates and educates moms and dads around the world who are parents of children with special needs; Dr. Caroline Von Fluegge-Chen, owner of Balance Atlanta Family Chiropractic, who will speak on health and wellness and helping people of all abilities and ages become the best version of themselves. Also sharing special insights will be Dr. Fiyah Oates and Dr. Jerome Maultsby, transformational speakers and counselors, who are also counselors with Susan Taylor’s National CARES Mentoring Movement/University for Parents program in Atlanta and bringing an inspirational message to parents in attendance, will be Bishop Dedric Avery, pastor of Salt and Light Truth Center of Decatur, GA.

The Exceptional Parents Celebration will also include entertainment and performances by the SHOWAbility INCLUSIVE CHORUS, a newly formed inclusive chorus which includes singers with and without disabilities, produced by International Jazz Singer and U.S. Cultural Ambassador, Myrna Clayton; a fashion show featuring parents and their children with disabilities wearing looks by Fashion by D’Shacourt Studio; some comedy by Actor and Comedian Victor Terrell, known as St. Vick, who has been featured on BET and was part of the Spirit of Laughter Comedy Tour with Palmer Williams and David Mann of Tyler Perry’s Meet the Brown’s and Love Thy Neighbor, and more.

“It’s been a very trying year for everyone, that’s why this year’s event theme is ‘Live, Laugh and Love,’ shared Stanley, who also produces/hosts the Disability World TV Show on the streaming PG Network on Xperienc on Demand (XOD) TV. “We are confident this year’s Celebration will continue its mission of being uplifting, enlightening, empowering and entertaining for all those in attendance, and we hope anyone who could use support and encouragement around that time, whether they have children with disabilities or not, will join us,” she said.

The Exceptional Parents Celebration will be held on Saturday, May 1st beginning at 2:00p.m. EST. The event is free and participants can register via Zoom by going to:

For more information about Norma Stanley and E.E.E. Marketing Group, go to

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