Looking to cool down on a Hotlanta day?

Looking to cool down on a Hotlanta day?

Elisha Castillo

Imagine this; it’s a hot summer day with barely any cool breeze brazing your toasty body. Your mouth is drier than the Sahara desert, quenching for something cold to drink. Atlanta is known for its amazing food places, hospitality, and very hot weather but did you know there are many tasty drink shops? Today, I will be giving you all the 411 on the best places to get a nice cold drink on a hot Atlanta summer day.


Juiceheads ATL

Juiceheads ATL sells healthy juices to their community. The company is a black-owned business that strives to make their community healthier on juice at a time. Their juices hold more nutritional value than if you were to eat a regular fruit or vegetable. What’s better than drinking something good that’ll also make you look even better? Their juices have detoxing agents that are beneficial for digestive health, skin health, PH balancing and even natural energy boosting. As described on their website, Juiceheads ATL drinks are organic and soy-free smoothies with plant-based protein included. Some of their drinks include Summertime, which contains pineapple, dragonfruit, coconut, and banana (my personal favorite) and Mudpie, which contains cacao nibs, peanut butter, and banana. You definitely will not have to worry about breaking the bank when looking to buy these drinks because they are highly cost efficient! This shop is located on Piedmont Road in the city of Atlanta, Ga.

Queen of Cream

Looking for a sweet cold milkshake? Look no further. Queen of Cream will have you cool and satisfied for the entire day! While they have regular ice cream, they also have vegan options! What makes this shop even better, is that their flavors are endless. Queen of Cream has Vanilla Bean, Sprinkle Cookie, Deep Chocolate, Lavender Honeycomb and even Black Pearl (black ice cream). Interesting, huh? Their deep and vast flavors will have your mouth watering for hours!  Also, their seasonal flavors are to die for. Unlike most ice cream shops, Queen Cream makes their ice cream fresh. As described on their website, “By pasteurizing our own ice cream bases, sourcing dairy locally, and using fresh, real ingredients like Tahitian vanilla, local chocolate, and organic lavender flowers to name a few, our ice cream is luscious, full-bodied, and vibrant.” They are located at Lenox Mall and Highland Av. Enjoy a sweet scoop of ice cream with your friends and family this hot summer at Queen of Cream, you won’t regret it!


King of Pops

Popsicles are not only for kids. Adults love them just as much! I know I do. King of Pops was created by three brothers in the south. Their goal is to provide happiness for every customer that tries their flavor-filled popsicles. King of Pops offers creamy pops such as cookies and cream, banana pudding, and white chocolate peppermint. But wait, it gets better! They also have fruity pops such as watermelon mojito and blueberry lemonade. King of Pops eccentric flavors makes them different than any other popsicle stand. If you are also searching for the best lemonade in Atlanta, you’ve now found the perfect place. King of Pops provides the best sweet and tangy lemonade for a nice hot day! What’s also great about King of Pops is that they have stands and shops all around Atlanta. Visit their website https://kingofpops.com, to find a location near you!


Sun O Dessert

Sun O Dessert has all of the tasty frozen treats you can think of. What makes this shop different are their vast Asian flavors. Their most talked about menu item is the shaved ice. Sun O Dessert is known for having the “fluffiest” shaved ice. We all know the fluffier the shaved ice, the better it will taste and melt in your mouth! They come in many different flavors such as Lychee, Rainbow, Strawberry, Coconut, and Soybean. Next, you choose your toppings like fruits, sprinkles, candy. The lastly you choose which syrup you would like drizzled on top. At Sun O Dessert, you can also buy milk tea, ice cream, smoothies, and slushies. Take a mini trip to Decatur and enjoy the fluffiest shaved ice in Georgia!


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