How to market your business for funding.

How to market your business for funding.

Atlanta, GA — On November 15th, industry influencers will gather to discuss the important steps businesses need to take to gain attention from top investment groups and build capital. In 2017, the venture capital industry invested $84 billion in over 8,000 companies. This month’s Influencer 365 Discussion aims to help business market themselves to be one of the lucky ones to secure funding.  

“Funding and the lack thereof is one of the main reasons companies fail”, stated host Marc Parham, Director of Entrepreneurship for the Urban League. “Marketing and branding help companies separate themselves from the competition.” 

This month’s Influencer Discussions is appropriately titled “Know Your Worth” and hopes to help business owners understand how to brand and market for various funding opportunities. This month’s panelist will include Lonnie Abdul Saboor, Director Small Business Development for Invest Atlanta. He has arranged financing for more than 600 small businesses in the City, representing more than 500 million in public and private funds that resulted in the creation of more than 5,000 jobs.  

“For companies looking to compete to secure funding; branding, product development and their overall marketing strategy is crucial”, stated Kevin Pride, Chief Operating Officer of Influencer 365. “Our clients come in various stages of business development. One of the ways we help our small business clients is to ensure that they have a stellar branding strategy that appeals to the market.” 

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