Go South Fulton County for Golden Investment Opportunities

Go South Fulton County for Golden Investment Opportunities

By Michael Davis

In 1851, the phrase “Go west, young man” was first uttered and popularized to encourage, westward expansion in the US for a new opportunity. In the spirit of that popular catchphrase, nearly 170 years later in the state of Georgia, Fulton County Connect South Fulton says “Go South Fulton County.”

This is based on several important factors:

  • The prolific north side growth era up and along 400, 85, and 75 has developed and occupied the undeveloped land.
  • The traffic congestion is among the highest in metro Atlanta and growing.
  • Longer commute times and associated reduced quality of life are making residents consider living closer to Atlanta or in-town.
  • The primary development demand driver is location in-town with proximity to downtown Atlanta and access to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (HJAIA).
  • The amount of undeveloped land for commercial and residential development south Fulton County is unmatched anywhere in metro Atlanta.
  • The ease of transportation access and MARTA to quickly reach Atlanta and the airport The HJAIA impact and magnetic force on the metro Atlanta on the economy and area commercial investment is staggering.

HJAIA’s economic impact on metro Atlanta is $35 billion and the job impact is 240,000 when combining direct and indirect influence. HJAIA, the center of Aerotropolis Atlanta, and the global Aerotropolis phenomena are changing conventional thinking and the narrative about the airport area development. The south metro area attention and focus is local, regional, national, and international and radiates from HJAIA. South metro area begins with the south Fulton County cities and extends down highways 75 and 85 respectively to Coweta, Fayette, Clayton, and Henry counties. The south Fulton county region is metro Atlanta’s crown jewel. Located in the Aerotropolis Alliance Atlanta market area, south Fulton County has an unfair competitive advantage with more available land, a lower cost of doing business, a lower cost of living, more green space, less traffic and congestion, and proximity to Atlanta and HJAIA. South Fulton County has a multitude of diverse assets, thriving communities, a well-educated population, highly skilled workers, abundant commercial investment opportunities, and direct proximity to HJAIA.

South Fulton County is probusiness, pro-jobs, and smart growth. South Fulton County is a golden commercial investment opportunity with a great deal of exciting commercial development projects. Connect South Fulton and the member city’s work collaboratively to bring more commercial and residential investment to the region. To learn more or to invest, the contacts are: South Fulton county region (Michael Davis), Chattahoochee Hills (Mayor Tom Reed), College Park (Artie Jones), East Point (Maceo Rogers), Fairburn (Ernest Gilchrist), Hapeville (David Burt), Palmetto (Mayor Boddie), Union City (Ellis Still). The most significant South Fulton county development opportunity which spans multiple cities is the 45,000+ acres of undeveloped land that comprise the Georgia Aerotropolis Corridor (GAC), a 25-mile-long and 4-mile-wide Corridor along the South Fulton Parkway from HJAIA, to Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club which is a $2.5 billion mixed-use development in Douglas County. The 45,000+ acres of undeveloped acres on the GAC allows south Fulton county to boast of having the most undeveloped land in proximity to an international airport anywhere in the world. The GAC is the opportunity for the State of Georgia and the southwestern portion of metropolitan Atlanta to create an unprecedented international $60 billion to $100 billion Corridor for universities, large and small businesses, incubators, research centers, innovation institutes, global think tanks, collaboratives, and private equity funds surrounded by magnificent master-planned communities, international shopping, world-class hotels and unique and abundant entertainment.

The Connect South Fulton mission endeavors to encompass a holistic economic development view anchored in thoughtful development and enhancing the quality of life for each of the distinctive member cities in the South Fulton region. We are promoting our strategic industries of aerospace, automotive, film & television, headquarters, hospitality and tourism, logistics and tourism to the development and site selection communities to cultivate investment and more jobs to the region. Connect South Fulton advocates and evangelizes on behalf of the seven member cities to facilitate economic development, increase prosperity and enhance the quality of life for the citizens. When you think of the golden investment South Fulton county investment opportunity, remember three words. Imagine. Invest. Succeed.

Contact: michael@connectsouthfultonga.org

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  1. There is Extraordinary Possibility and opportunity available in the South Fulton Community. Being a Real Estate Entrepreneur I’m very excited about the future of our Community. Anything I can do to help promote and bring growth, opportunity and Development to our Community let me know. Wilson N Flemister Jr 404-839-1861

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