“GA NAACP Got It Wrong, Sheriff Victor Hill Got It Right”

“GA NAACP Got It Wrong, Sheriff Victor Hill Got It Right”

Clayton County deputy Brandon Myers was captured on video hitting 26-year-old Roderick Walker multiple times while he was subdued after a routine stop. Mr. Walker was the passenger and protested Deputy Myers’ demand to see his identification. This led to Myers physically assaulting Walker while attempting to effectuate an arrest.

Within hours, the Clayton County Sheriff, Victor Hill ordered his Internal Investigation Unit to review the case and video evidence immediately. The Sheriff also ordered a courtesy bond for Mr. Walker on the same day he was brought to the Clayton County Jail, known by many as the “Hill-Ton”. At the time, Walker had unresolved warrants in other jurisdictions unrelated to Clayton County. Over the span of 2 days, Sheriff Hill’s investigative team conducted a full administrative investigation and handed over their conclusions of the incident. Hill fired the deputy the same day, which sparked praise from many Clayton residents, including noted civil rights leader, Gerald Rose.

However, roughly 3-days after the incident, the GA NAACP called for Sheriff Hill’s resignation. Even though the investigation was conducted in record time and Hill rendered a decision to fire the deputy immediately for excessive force, it still did not stop the organization from demanding the top law enforcement official to relinquish his authority. Many NAACP members and leaders have quietly expressed their disagreement with the GA chapter’s decision. Residents of Clayton County are equally surprised. “The GA NAACP got it wrong, Sheriff Victor Hill got it right. We all saw the video. Sheriff Hill made his staff do their jobs quickly and efficiently. He made the decision to fire this out of control deputy in like a day and turned over the investigation to the District Attorney’s office. I mean, damn! Seems like we’re all in agreement on this one, except them” said Nicole Dashiell, a longtime Clayton County resident and activist.

Hill has received significant praise on social media for his swift actions of ordering a courtesy bond for Mr. Walker, updating the public on his medical care, making an informed but quick decision to fire the deputy and turning the case over to the DA’s Office for a criminal investigation.

***look for updates on this developing story
-Jamie Roberts

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  1. Clayton County needs Sheriff Victor Hill. He does an excellent job of crime fighting to protect the citizens of Clayton County. The actions of an employee is NOT the actions of the Sheriff and therefore Sheriff Victor Hill should not be punished/fired. With this situation, Sheriff Hill acted swiftly to terminate the deputy that was involved. Thank you Sheriff Victor Hill for all you have done and will do for the citizens of Clayton County.

  2. The NAACP did not lead or organize the protest at the jail, Calling for the resignation of victor hill. This was in effort created by the coalition M4BL the naacp members that attended do not reflect the stance of the NAACP. However the ga NAACP did call for the termination of both officer’s involved in either choking or beating roderick walker.

    Seeing as Victor hill has still not even come out with why they pursued an arrest of walker and only one officer was fire or reprimanded at all I do see why people would want victor hill gone. if you’re going to report on an event get your facts straight. Quit the slander.

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