Find and Keep Your Peace

Find and Keep Your Peace

Having perfect peace means eliminating worry and fear from your heart. Worry means to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; to fret. Worry is thinking about the same thing over and over and not doing what is within your control, to change the situation. Worry is a condition of thought and we are what we are because of what goes into our minds. Worrying is a distraction that prolongs our ability to pursue our purpose and seek our promises.

Tips to Perfect Peace:

1. Call peace into your situation; peace is not the absence of the negative, but the presence of the positive.

2. Restrain yourself; know when to hold em and when to fold em! Know when to keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself. Having and opinion is one thing, expressing your opinion is optional!

3. Accept that humans have flaws as apart of their DNA. Looking for people to behave in the way that you would, WILL leave you disappointed!

4. Relinquish the need to ALWAYS have things your way AND the need to always be right!

5. Learn what to transcend. If something does not bear fruit in your life, cut it off! Send things and people out of your life that are NOT your assignment!

“If you are not really at peace with what has happened in your life, then you have not truly accepted responsibility for the events themselves, and for your response to them. Any lingering resentment or regret simply means that you still want to lay blame, either at your own door or someone else’s. – Robert White

Peace and Blessings, Dr. Adrienne

Dr. Adrienne is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of ChangeMakers, LLC and A Change For ALL2 in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Adrienne’s psychotherapeutic areas of expertise include: individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, stress management, depression, substance dependency, loss of employment, grief/loss, anger management, life change coaching, relationship & communication, pre-marital counseling, divorce recovery, parenting skills, adolescent development, state-funded Independent Living Programs, and Employment Assistant Programs.

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