Deitrick Haddon Talks TV One's Sins of the Father and New Music

Deitrick Haddon Talks TV One's Sins of the Father and New Music

Jesse Baynes

Deitrick Haddon showed up to talk with the Atlanta Business Journal as he promotes his new TV One original film, “SINS OF THE FATHER.” The film premieres on Sunday, July 7 at 8 p.m. ET/7C on TV One, followed by an encore at 10 p.m. Deitrick Haddon’s new single, “Open Door Season” is also available for pre-order now on all digital retail outlets. Sparked by real events, SINS OF THE FATHER features Deitrick Haddon (The Gospel), A.J. Johnson (Baby Boy), Clifton Powell (Ray), Terayle Hill (Merry Wishmas) and Angela Davis (I Feel Pretty). The movie follows Clarence Burnett (Haddon) a pastor in Atlanta who’s happily married to Karen (Davis). The couple’s world is torn apart when Karen is brutally murdered outside their Atlanta home, sending shock waves through their close-knit community. As police delve deeper into the Burnett’s inner circle, they discover secret lives filled with lust, cruelty and unearth a sinful conspiracy of biblical proportions.

Deitrick Haddon has earned the name, “the new face of Gospel,” after his album “Church on the Moon” debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Gospel chart. The Detroit native is known for his progressive, urban style of gospel music, but he is also the founding pastor of Hill City Church in California. He is also one of the cast members in Oxygen’s reality television show Preachers of L.A. Last Christmas, Haddon teamed up with super-producer Zaytoven to create what they consider to be their best body of work to date, on the holiday EP “Greatest Gift.” Along with a single lifted from his upcoming TV One film, Haddon will release new music this Summer via Entertainment One. In 2018, Detrick Haddon, returned to Billboard charts with the single and video “GLORY,” lifted from the album “Deitrick Haddon & Hill City Worship Camp LIVE.” Haddon penned three songs on Usher’s most recent album, “A.”

Born in Detroit, Haddon found his bliss through Gospel music early in his youth. He attended Mumford High School; the same high school as Gospel icons ‘The Winans.  After a standing ovation following his rendition of “Millions Didn’t Make It” with The Winans at his school talent show, Haddon reflects, “That was when I knew ‘Wow, I could do this’”. His childhood self could never have anticipated the immense change his music would bring as a form of ministry in today’s society.

“I came in the game when they didn’t want to give gospel artists concept music videos. So you would hear the music, but you wouldn’t know the artist,” he relays. On top of that, Gospel music was never known for its ‘chart-topping’ abilities. “Gospel has always been at the bottom of the barrel”. Haddon adds with a laugh, “I think the only one under us is jazz”.

The struggle with balancing the contemporary church trends with traditional Gospel sound has not been an easy feat. Haddon recalls a time he was “kicked out of a church” for performing his hit ‘Chain Breaker’ due to its nonorthodox beat. While the youth in the audience adored every second of his performance, his motion to push the barriers of the traditional church service was not welcomed by the church’s pastor. Luckily, complications like these have never hindered Haddon’s determination to make an impact through his music.

In order to maintain relevancy in the age of new media while still staying true to his roots, Haddon makes sure to utilize “a wide range of styles to accommodate the wide range of age gaps” in his fan base. Whether someone is 15 or 75, they will be able to relate to his music and enjoy the company that his concerts provide. Haddon notes, “I’m always thinking ahead too. I’m able to keep adapting to each sound, and even with my style and how I express myself it’s important to always stay relevant because that embodies who I am”.

In accordance with relevancy, Haddon’s presence extends beyond the music industry. He’s starring in the film Sins of the Father premiering Sunday, July 7th at 8 P.M on TV One. Haddon describes his role in this true crime as a pastor who “truly embodies a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. Getting into the mind of a monstrous pastor is obviously not second- nature to Haddon, however, he uses his own experiences to give 100% in his performance.

“I always had aspirations of being an actor,” says Haddon, who has produced films of his own. However, the character he was asked to portray strikes an intimate chord with him. He candidly recounts, “My biological father was pretty much this guy. I had to channel this monster that I created in my head… so this role gave me the opportunity to confront that demon”. Haddon contributes a new song to the film entitled “Come Through” and is available now. He also introduces another single that will soon be coming out, “Open Door Season”. His lyrics reflect the path he feels he’s been led down throughout his career. “God is taking me through doors I’ve never been in, so I’m singing that and sharing it with other people so that they can sing it and get those doors opened in their lives”. Overall, the film is guaranteed to make waves in the film industry, and Haddon is honored he has the chance to bring this true story to life.

Through all his triumphs and successes, it’s admirable how Haddon has been able to stay so humble through all the changing seasons. When asked what they key is for him, he has his answer prepared: “Be authentic! I think everybody will connect if you just stay true to who you are. People can tell when you’re being extra and being something that you’re not… and I believe that what comes from the heart will always reach hearts”. From the moment you’re greeted by Deitrick Haddon, you will feel that authenticity emanating from his soul. He even gave advice for others interested in this industry. “You should spend more time preparing yourself because time and chance happens to us all”.

All of Haddon’s preparation is what brought him his success and renowned name. He wants to encourage and leverage other artists, but he thinks it’s one’s own responsibility to be ready for the one opportunity of a lifetime that may pass if you haven’t prepared for it. In Haddon’s case, the opportunities are still rising, and there is no doubt that his relationship with God will continue aiding in opening doors and transforming lives for the rest of his days.


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