Conversation with Joseph Guay

Conversation with Joseph Guay

Joseph Guay, a renown visual artist, photographer and film director spoke with Andre Pierre about his latest collection of sculptures, Remnants of the Human Condition, at Westside Cultural Arts Center.

The collection uses bullet casings from hand guns and assault weapons, gunpowder and shattered high-rise glass to tell the horrific story of tragedies in American society. From the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center to recent police shootings, Guay takes a look at domestic terrorism and the state of humanity in our society.

“It’s hard to be unaffected by the world’s condition anymore and remain silent. I wondered if it is the artist’s obligation to bring a different consciousness to the public in these difficult times? I knew I could no longer pretend the news and the global fear based reactions of our society were not becoming an overwhelming influence on me,” said Guay.

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Joseph Guay Final from Z Turlington on Vimeo.