ConnecTalk South Fulton County Child Well-Being; When Children Thrive, Communities Can Thrive

by: Michael Davis | Connect South Fulton

When it comes to child well-being, the 13-county greater Atlanta region is getting a failing score.  Nearly half a million children in the Greater Atlanta region live in communities with low or very low child well-being. The Atlanta regional child-well being score is 58.9, but the South Fulton county child well-being score is 39.1.  The October ConnecTalk speaker, is Timothy Pakenham, Chief Operating Officer United Way Greater Atlanta. This is a free event. The talk will be about the South Fulton couty child well-being index, how the 42,936 South Fulton children and associated families are doing, the community impact, the initiatives and progams in place to improve the index, and how to get involved.


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