Two-Part Kwanzaa Cooperative Economics Expo Includes Virtual Marketplace Opportunity

Atlanta, GA…Friday, December 22, 2019….Customers and community members who recognize and celebrate the significance of Kwanzaa for the African-American community, are invited to participate in UjamaaCon, “The Cooperative Economics Expo,” being held in the City of Stonecrest, Georgia  on Sunday, December 29.

Created by BlackBusinessList.Com (BBL), an online African-American-owned company that lists Black-owned businesses and shares information about these businesses domestically and around the globe, UjamaaCon is designed to build awareness about the many black-owned businesses that exist locally, nationally and internationally. The event will be held during Kwanzaa, on the day of Ujamaa, which is one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa.  The day of Ujamaa focuses on the principle of cooperative economics.

“According to recent statistics, Black Americans are 48 million strong and command $1.3 trillion in spending power, however, we don’t use that power to support Black-owned businesses as much as we could,” said Stephen Wicks, founder of BlackBusinessList.Com.  “Ujamaa and supporting cooperative economics is a vital part of the Kwanzaa celebration and the two-part UjamaaCon Expo offers a unique opportunity to not only support African American business locally, but also learn about what some Black-owned businesses are doing and selling around the country, through our virtual event that same day,” said Wicks.

The first part of the UjaamaCon Expo will take place at Stonecrest Salon Suites located at 7310 Stonecrest Concourse, Stonecrest, GA 30038.  The event will include local community leaders, dignitaries, vendors, food, entertainment, etc. In addition, business owners and sponsors from across the country, will also share information about their products and services, via virtual interviews taking place from 6:00p.m. to 10:00p.m, which will be broadcast on multiple digital platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube, and, which is the streaming TV network owned by BlackBusinessList.Com.

In addition to showcasing a growing list of Black-owned businesses on BlackBusinessList.Com, Wicks also offers opportunities for black businesses to advertise via online video, banner advertisements, or stream their own content via the BBL Ad Network and  

“At BlackBusinessList.Com, we are on a mission to enhance the economic picture within our communities around the globe, by making it easier to find Black-owned businesses online.   We want to facilitate the circulation of our dollars within the Black community at a more accelerated rate than what currently occurs,” shared Wicks. To that end, we are also on a mission to become the largest online network of black professionals and entrepreneurs on the planet,” he said. 

Sponsors of UjamaaCon, includes the AEI StartUp Factory,, Credit America, Stonecrest Salon Suites, BlackBusinessList.Com, BBLTV and the BBL Ad Network. 

For more information or to register for this free event, go to 

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