Best Meetups for Young Professionals in Atlanta

Best Meetups for Young Professionals in Atlanta

Jesse Baynes

Looking for more ways you can connect with locals around you? Trying to get involved in new businesses and non- profits but can’t find an ‘in’? Thankfully, there’s a service for you. Plug in to ‘Meetup,’ a media platform that connects you to other men and women from your area that share similar interests as you. By creating an account, you gain endless opportunities for joining networks and participating in real-life gatherings where members and organizers get together to connect, discuss, and practice activities related to their shared interests.

From app- designers, avid mountain climbers, aspiring chefs, and so on, there’s a niche Meetup group for everyone to join. The best part? If you have an idea of your own, you can create your own Meetup group! This is the best platform to get involved with if you’re looking for new ways to get involved in your own community.

Here are five of our favorite Atlanta- based groups we’ve found for our readers:

Atlanta Startup Village (Business and Career)

ATL Startup Village is the largest monthly gathering of entrepreneurs in the southeast, hosted at Atlanta Tech Village. The goal is to provide a forum for the new expression of ideas and business (in a five-minute pitch model), but also give entrepreneurs a place to discuss roadblocks and moving forward in a fun, friendly, inclusive environment. This group is focused on all Atlanta startups, not just technology startups, to broaden exposure and realize that all startups use technology and can benefit from one another.

Member count: 13,964


Atlanta Circle of Friends (Outdoors and Adventure)

This group was created with the idea in mind of expanding social circles among young professionals (mid-20s to early 40s) who enjoy recreational activities with like-minded individuals. Being active (both physically and emotionally) is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and we want to enable others to partake in fun social activities as a larger group, in order to expand their circle of friends.

Member count: 3,869


Black Girl ATL (Business and Career)

Adult friending can be hard- and we want to be your new sister friend crew! Black Girls ATL is a community of Atlanta melanated sisters who participate in social events, form new friendships, and make professional connections. We wine, dine and trip while making connections with one another. The group is composed of women new to the city as well as Atlanta natives. If you’re looking for a supportive Atlanta sisterhood, join us!

Member count: 2,602


Atlanta Women’s Chamber of Commerce (Business and Career)

The Women’s Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1922 as a division of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. The WCC is a nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nonprofit, membership-based organization, whose mission is to promote the advancement of women in business, commerce and leadership. We host regular events, including networking, workshops, lunch & learns, and give women the tools to succeed.

Member Count: 240


Celebrate Atlanta (Social)

The purpose of Celebrate Atlanta is to discover and enjoy what Atlanta has to offer but more importantly to meet others and thus discover Atlanta with new found friends. Mainly, our group is about having fun. We will have dancing, happy hours, sports events, hikes, dining, charitable events and many, many more events, all designed for you to have a great time. Celebrate Atlanta is rated the most active meetup group in the United States. We offer a variety of events designed to provide a wide variety of choices for members and a great way to expand your circle of friends while discovering the many venues and events in the Atlanta area.

Member Count: 16,288



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