Atlanta's Young Professionals Are Taking Their Relationship Education Into Their Own Hands

Atlanta's Young Professionals Are Taking Their Relationship Education Into Their Own Hands
(Local Group Hosts Viewing and Group Discussion of Will and Jada’s Red Table Talk)

AtlantaGA– Atlanta has long been ranked among the worst cities for dating in the country. Atlanta’s dating woes have been a matter of national record for decades. The record even includes a National Geographic study on the disproportionate number of single women to men. Despite this, recent marriage trends suggest that if romantic hopefuls can make it through the dating process, chances are high that they’ll stay married for longer than previous generations.

New data shows that younger couples are approaching relationships very differently from baby boomers. Generation X and Millennials especially are being choosier about who they marry, which results in couples tying the knot at older ages. They’re also taking steps to educate themselves and develop personally while they’re still single.

Dojo Seven, a local social enterprise, is looking to help with that development. Along with partners AO Spade and RL Gethers, they’ve launched a new series called H.O.T Talks (which stands for Honest, Open, and Transparent) which brings young professionals together to screen talks and presentations and then hosts group discussions afterwards. The events and apparel company also invites subject matter specialists like matchmakers and marriage counselors to sit in as participants and contribute helpful insight and frameworks. The event gives attendees the chance to both teach and learn about themselves and relationships while sipping complimentary wine.

When asked why his company began hosting these events, company founder Josh Arthur said:

“We just saw that these conversations were happening in silos all over the place. Every where you went people were talking about relationships, but nobody had every really studied what makes couples who are dating or married successful. We figured offering a space where people could actually learn from speakers and presenters and then have a conversation with the participation of professionals was a great way to try and help the community.”

Hopefully, initiatives and events like this will help Atlanta negate it’s reputation as a dating imbroglio and move up those national rankings. For singles who just can’t wait for that and are looking for another growing south eastern city to call home, Charlotte, NC ranks in the Top 5 Cities for dating.

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About Dojo Seven
Dojo Seven is an events and apparel company that helps young professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders redefine cool and promote social, emotional, economic, mental, and spiritual health (SEEMS). It operates primarily in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

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