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Human Rights Organization Stand With Sheriff Victor Hill

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill, pleaded not guilty on federal charges of allegedly violating the civil rights of four detainees at the Clayton County Jail. 

 Hill turned himself in Tuesday morning. A recently unsealed federal indictment alleges Hill, on multiple occasions, had county inmates placed in restraint chairs for several hours in violation of their constitutional rights. Hill pleaded not guilty and said he will fight the charges. According to Hill, these charges are “politically-motivated”. 

 Attorney Drew Findling, Hill’s lawyer, says the inmates in question are trying to say disparaging things against his client due to their own legal issues. The federal investigation started under the Trump administration and many citizens are questioning the motivation of these charges. 

 In an ironic twist, a well-known human                                                                                                                   rights organization, often standing opposite of law enforcement on police misconduct allegations are on record for supporting Sheriff Hill in this matter. In a statement obtained by ABJ Digital, the New Order National Human Rights Organization, headquartered in Metro-Atlanta with offices across the country, says they are standing with Hill.  

 As a human rights organization, we take all accusations of Constitutional Rights violations seriously. It is extremely rare for us to support a member of law enforcement who has been accused of such a violation. However, our legal analysts at New Order National Human Rights Organization have thoroughly reviewed the federal indictment against Sheriff Victor Hill and have come to the conclusion that Sheriff Hill did not violate the rights of anyone. This seems like a massive overreach from the federal government. This investigation against Sheriff Hill started under the Trump administration and was approved by Trump surrogates. There are Black and Brown citizens being killed by police across the country and these officers never receive a federal indictment. To charge the first Black elected Sheriff with multiple felonies for a legal and commonly used law enforcement restraint chair is beyond comprehension. We stand with the community of Clayton County and Sheriff Hill, said Gerald Rose, the group’s CEO. 

ABJ Digital will bring you developments as they come. 


City Of Atlanta May Want To Take Notes From Sheriff Victor Hill Of Clayton County

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has been under fire for her leadership during a severe spike in crime in the City of Atlanta. The recent tragic death of 7-year-old Kennedy Maxie in the parking lot of Phipps Plaza sparked criticisms from Atlanta City Councilman Howard Shook, former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and others who alluded to Bottoms’ leadership as the focal problem. With over 130 murders in the city in 2020, Mayor Bottoms said, “We are seeing numbers we have not seen in Atlanta as it relates to our murder rates. So, we recognize this is a problem.”

According to the Atlanta Police Department, the rise in crime is an unfortunate trend and not unique to just Atlanta. Many residents understood APD’s statement to mean that the issue of rising crime is a metro-wide or even a nationwide occurrence, however, citizens in Clayton County – GA may disagree. Based on crime statistics from the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office, crime is down in virtually every area in Clayton County. A report from 11 Alive News found that murder rates decreased in Clayton County in 2019. Crime continued to lower in 2020 with burglaries down 20%, robberies 10%, and homicide down more than 8%, a trend not seen in neighboring counties.

The statistical data from Clayton County presents a different narrative than other Metro-Atlanta counties and begs the question, “what is Clayton County doing that other jurisdictions are not?”

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill (Photo source: Facebook / @ClaytonCountySheriffGA)

During the onset of Covid-19 in early 2020, metro county sheriffs came together and decided to release many inmates from their jails. This action was applauded by criminal justice advocates, but Sheriff Victor Hill went against the political grain and kept his jail fully operational during the pandemic. Surrounding county officials cited fears of spreading Covid-19 in the jails and backed the move to release inmates as a way to stifle the infection rate, however, in the Clayton County Jail, also known as the “Hill-Ton”, Covid-19 infections were found to be at 0.5%, a rate lower than the surrounding jurisdictions.

Sheriff Hill does not answer questions from the media, but released this statement through the Sheriff’s Office Nixel account. “Jurisdictions across the country responded to the Covid19 crisis by immediately releasing large numbers of inmates into the general public and refusing to accept inmates unless it was for major felonies. All of the jurisdictions that did this experienced significant increases in crime. The para-military Clayton County Jail, affectionately referred to as ‘The Hill-ton’, is not only known as the most disciplined jail in the world, but also as the cleanest. Both supporters and critics alike have both agreed that it is the only jail reference to as one being able to eat off of it floors.” The statement continued, “By keeping the jail fully functional while following COVID-19 safety guidelines, Clayton County has not only the bragging rights of a very low infection rate at the jail, but also a notable decrease in crime!”

While communities are calling on political leaders to find solutions to the increase in crime, it seems Sheriff Victor Hill’s foresight may have benefited the residents of Clayton County.


GA Sheriff Victor Hill Shows America What Justice Looks Likes

Sheriff Victor Hill of Clayton County, Georgia did what every Sheriff is elected to do, protect and serve. Hill investigated an alleged use of force incident by his deputies, suspended them immediately without pay, called for an internal investigation and before the weekend concluded, rendered a decision.

On Friday September 11, 2020 in Clayton County, Georgia, Roderick Walker was getting a ride when the driver was pulled over for a broken taillight. The deputies asked Mr. Walker, the passenger, for his identification. A back and forth ensued which led to Mr. Walker being aggressively accosted by one deputy in particular.

The video of Roderick Walker’s brutal beating and arrest went viral.

After the internal investigation, Sheriff Hill fired the deputy, turned the investigation over to the Clayton County District Attorney’s office for criminal investigation and ordered Mr. Walker, the victim, released on a signature bond. Sheriff Hill also informed the public that Walker has received medical treatment for his injuries.

Sheriff Victor Hill is a leading example that law enforcement can effectively handle cases involving excessive force without compromising the process.

Most citizens are responding favorably to Hill’s actions.

Former Police Chief, Eddie Driggero of the North Charleston Police Department, in South Carolina, fired then officer Michael Slager within four days, after a viral video showed Slager shooting Walter Scott, a black man in the back five times, while Mr. Scott was running away. Slager was fired, charged, convicted, and sentenced to twenty years in prison. Hills and Driggers actions are a rarity, but likely law enforcement’s saving grace.

The Clayton County Sheriff is highly respected by other members of law enforcement, loved by the citizens of his county and feared by criminals. “I believed Sheriff Hill would do the right thing. He’s a rare leader and law enforcement could use more people like him. The speed and efficiency of this investigation and decision is the example that law enforcement should follow to increase trust in the community”, said national human rights leader Gerald Rose, CEO of New Order.

Sheriff Hill did what citizens expect a leader in law enforcement to do, investigate allegations of excessive force swiftly, make an administrative decision and turn over any possible criminal findings to the proper prosecutorial agency.

This Sheriff has shown America two things – law enforcement can hold their own accountable and justice can be swift, even when it’s within the agency.

The case is now in the hands of Clayton County District Attorney, Tasha M. Mosely.

– Joy Butler @Pigtown410
Born in The Bronx, raised in Atlanta, Joy Butler is the Author of Pigtown Chronicles, a novel steeped in the grimy streets of South Baltimore MD and a Contributing Writer @ ABJ Digital