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Can America survive Donald Trump and his legion of misguided followers?

Opinion Piece by: Georgia State Representative, Roger Bruce

Can America survive Donald Trump and his legion of misguided followers?

Yesterdays riots in Washington, DC sent several messages to the country and to the world about this country. It is evident that millions of people are still caught up in the racial issues that have plagued us since the inception of the country. The positive is that the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris says that it is not the majority of the country.

The actions in Washington yesterday were instigated and condoned by this President. His behavior led to injury, death and the destruction of federal property. He must be held accountable for his actions and not allowed to use any pardon process to walk away without answering for the terrible things that happened in our nation’s capital.

Donald Trump’s behavior is not normal and draws question as to his ability to serve, even for the short period of time left in his term. His unwillingness to accept the outcome of the election and his willingness to allow his ego to overshadow his logic and to have him ignore his responsibility to protect the country and citizens has risen to a criminal level. His unwillingness to accept the scientific and medical realities related to covid-19 has resulted in the illness and death of hundreds of thousands of American citizens. It appears that he is set on a course of action for the balance of his term that will continue to cause harm and death. It has to stop.

The 25th amendment was put in place for times such as this. It is obvious that Trump has abandoned his office and has put our country in imminent danger. Two weeks is a long time to have someone with questionable mental capacity to serve as commander in chief of a military might and weaponry the size of the United States. The Vice-president and cabinet members have to step up and invoke the 25th amendment.

Written by: Roger Bruce, State Representative, District 61



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