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In Response to Covid-19 Wrecking Havoc on Black and Brown Communities Two Black Chiropractors in Atlanta are Changing the Face of Health and Wellness

Aligned 4 Life Wellness Opening New Location on Atlanta’s Southside
During an unprecedented time of the Coronavirus pandemic, which is killing people of color with underlying conditions at a more rapid pace than others, two Atlanta-based chiropractors are determined to help black and brown communities learn to live healthier, longer lives through understanding the overall holistic health benefits of chiropractic treatments.



Dr. Brandon K. Williams and Dr. Joseph Fowler, Jr., are partners in Aligned 4 Life Wellness, a holistic chiropractic practice providing service for a wide range of health and wellness issues, including expertise in addressing back, neck pain, headaches, nutrition, and a variety of health ailments, through chiropractic adjustments.

“The World Health Organization’s definition of health is not only the absence of disease and infirmity, but is the complete mental, physical and social well-being of a person, and that is also our definition of health,” says Dr. Joseph Fowler, Jr. “There is a lack of understanding of what chiropractic, particularly in Black and Brown communities and our goal is to not only treat, but educate these communities on how chiropractic helps to heal the body through taking care of the nervous system,” he said.

With the onslaught of the Coronavirus Pandemic on communities across the country, ensuring that the stresses of life that people are experiencing during this challenging period does not overwhelm them mentally and physically, is another area in which Dr. Williams and Fowler’s practice is helping their patients.

“When we’re stressed as many of us are during these challenging times, the body creates cortisol, which stimulates the increase of blood pressure and abnormally heightened levels of mental and physical stress,” says Dr. Williams. “Chiropractic adjustments has both physiological and psychological benefits because the treatments help release endorphins in body, which reduce cortisol levels. As a result, the body and mind can relax and people can sleep better, and have better quality sleep, so the body can repair itself and recharge,” shared Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams and Dr. Fowler’s have been partners for seven years and met back in chiropractic school, after having personal experiences with the wonders of chiropractic health as young men. As a result, both wanted to enlighten people in the Black and Brown community about how important chiropractic can be to the maintenance of one’s overall health.

“Chiropractic is looked at as a “country club” profession and approach to health, in that only wealthy white people go to chiropractors, but we want to change that perception about its accessibility and help Black and Brown communities benefit more from what we do,” says Dr. Fowler. “It is a fact that less than one percent of the chiropractors are people of color, but chiropractic has been in my family for years and helped me have 10 additional years with my father, who had heart disease and stroke and was co-managed by a cousin who was a Chiropractor,” he said.

Aligned 4 Life Wellness offers services for people of all ages. Their patients range from as young as three days old and as old as 99 and they treat individuals and families needing services resulting from injuries from sports, car accidents, or any conditions impacting the nervous system or musculoskeletal system along the spine, involving muscles, ligaments and joints. Additionally, the doctors also counsel patients on developing healthy lifestyle and occupational habits involving diet, nutrition and exercise.

“We are two black male chiropractors who love their families and their communities and want to go the extra mile for our patients and be here for our community, particularly during this time when so many of us are succumbing to Coronavirus because of underlying issues, some of which can be prevented,” says Dr. Williams. “Our motto is: Your health is your wealth, so if you want to be fine, take care of your spine!”

A grand opening for the new location will be held Saturday, January 16 beginning at 11:00a.m, at Aligned 4 Life Wellness located on Atlanta’s southside in the historical Lakewood area, 1800 Jonesboro Rd, Ste G, Atlanta, Georgia 30315.

For more information, go to www.aligned4lifewellness.com. For media inquiries, contact: Kevin C. Pride at Influencer 365 at 770/870-8806.

By Kevin C. Pride

The CEO of the Atlanta Business Journal Digital and Influencer 365, a digital marketing agency, Kevin works with clients internally and externally, to help with the development and execution of custom marketing and branding plans for their businesses. In so doing, he also guides them on key success components, such as having the proper motivation, infrastructure, communication and accountability.

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