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The American people have spoken and made their voices heard. Joe Biden has become #46. What has taken place during this election process is the expression of frustration with the routine dogma and abuse of power demonstrated by the current occupant of the Oval office. To add insult to the process, the President refuses to concede. Never in the history of the election process has a victory speech been given by a President-elect without the call of concession by the incumbent. As the leader of a nation, it shows a lack of humbleness and humility in his character. Of course, with all the lines he has crossed and the destructive rhetoric he has asserted in most of his messages, this action is not surprising. What is surprising is the Republican party has yet to acknowledge the President-elect and recognize his ascension to the highest office.

It is easy to understand the unrest that those who voted for the Republican ticket may be feeling at this time. What they must respect is the process of a Constitutional election took place properly and the majority voters determined the outcome. If the opposition candidate had won, would there be any reference to voter fraud? Would the President have any question that the system of elections is just? The cache of litigation which was submitted and simultaneously rejected by his legal team are the antics of a sore loser.

Leadership on both sides understand that this tactic is baseless and pushed forward to produce distrust in the electoral process. Some of his own political circle have accepted the results and understand that if there was voter fraud as the incumbent claims, it would have to be on an astronomical scale. The numbers don’t lie. The calculations he claims he won the election by are completely without merit and virtually non-existent. The decision to delay and hinder the certification of the electoral college exhibits the mentality of man determine to defy what is traditionally supposed to be a smooth transition of power.

The world looks at the United States as a beacon of hope and light to the rest of the planet. How interesting it is to know that other countries celebrated the election results just as many of us did. The anticipation is that the next four years will be focused on dealing directly with the pandemic, improving the economy, and healing the division between citizens. When political representatives focus more on the needs of the people rather than just the needs of their own base, real change can take place. Perhaps they need a course in leadership development and mindset transformation which focuses on that very idea.

Another matter that is note worthy; the first female to be elected to this position. Like former President, Barrack Obama, Kamala Harris has made history in a society that remains divided on a myriad of issues, specifically, racial equality. This strikes a new tone for women who aspire to reach the highest levels of leadership, especially within the minority communities. Within the last three decades, women of all ethnic backgrounds have sought to receive the level of equality that has been denied them for so long. First earning the right to vote, establishing their place in multiple industries, becoming multi-millionaires and billionaires, and now, one step away from the highest office of government. This is quite an achievement and that beginning of a new standard. I like how she spoke about it in her victory speech stating, “While I may be the first woman in this office, I will not the last.”

So, how do we create the new path forward considering the divisiveness, the pandemic, the economy, and racial injustice? We begin by listening to each other and understanding the areas where we don’t agree while working together to compromise toward mutual goals. It will not be an easy course because of the current climate that was established over the last four years, but when we cooperate in the collective interest of the people, it is indeed possible.

Change is necessary for the future to become what the country’s forefathers envisioned it to be. This requires self-assessments, forward movement, a desire to integrate ideas, and a willingness to consider other perspectives that differ from our own. As the nation begins the healing process, we should take note that it all happened over a lengthy period and it will take just as long to reverse course and adapt to a new culture. Perhaps if we can communicate effectively, it will be a better one. The choice is yours and the time is now. Let’s embrace the challenge and take each step together.

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