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The country has entered the home stretch and the voting ballot is more important than ever before. As the nation listened to the final debate last week and each candidate made their final push to acquire the advantage in the polls, we still must contend with the upticks of the coronavirus and handle the matter of a diminished economy. President Donald Trump implies that he has a plan to deal with these situation as they are, but what is that actual plan? Wait for it, wait for it…silence from the White House. Yes, I’m waiting to hear it also.
The former Vice-President recommends the need to deal with it based on the recommendations of science and experts who support courses of action the promote the current practices of mask wearing and social distancing. The need to shut down a nation is not the prescription of this candidate, but to introduce actions that will allow the economy to reopen responsibly. Each state’s leader will need to have resources in place to provide protocols that protect the American worker, teacher, business owner, etc.

It was mentioned in the final debate that a vaccine will be ready within weeks, but the President’s own advisors and inner circle state that it will not be available until the middle of 2021. If this is the case, then why is there conflict in stories between the President and his own administration? It seems to be a ploy to mislead the nation into believing that we are “rounding the curve” when the numbers state the exact opposite.

Leaders across the nation in states where increases are occurring are taking another look at the spikes with great concern. Over 79,000 new cases arose nationwide with still no answer to respond and combat it. With worsening conditions still projected to come within the winter months, leaders in all areas must take into account the number of deaths that still rise and create internal protocols to be implemented until a real plan is submitted with solid projected results. Remember, we are still pushing the envelope at 1,000 deaths a day and it needs to stop.
Crisis appears from each side of the country, especially from the west coast. Fires blazing in the mountain forests of California and spreading to Colorado with lethal results exacerbates the need for good crisis management and crisis leadership. With the spread of this calamity, leadership at the highest level should provide exponential resources to the region to mitigate its expansion. The question is are we able to deal with multiple crises with the ambition to minimize each one simultaneously? That remains to be seen.

As mentioned in the beginning, we are in the home stretch of the Presidential election and your decision of who will run the country as its lead representative is critical. What will be our future? Determining who will express and exemplify your values as an American will demonstrate to the world what we think as a nation and how we relate to other cultures. If you have not voted for the candidate you feel represents your respective views, then I urge you to do it now. Never set in your mind that your opinion, voice, or vote doesn’t matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you believe you have no say, when something happens because of a decision made at the executive level, you have no right to say anything in response. The leader in the executive branch works for you.

You’ve heard each candidate present their case and you know where each man stands. If you are a citizen and believe you know what is in your best interest and have chosen the person to represent you, then ensure your voice is expressed. Remember some of the topics; COVID-19, the economy, healthcare, racism, etc.? This is what you are deciding on. Make your choice.

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