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Sheriff Victor Hill Attracts Businesses To Clayton County By Decreasing Crime

During Covid-19, many businesses have struggled to find their footing amid the pandemic. After the State of Georgia came to a halt, service providers, small businesses and employers alike felt the devastating economic impact of the shutdown. While the novel coronavirus has made a lasting impression on local economies, historically, crime plays a large role in business and commerce.

Today, businesses are adjusting and commerce is picking up, especially in Clayton County. Business owner Nicole English, who is the owner and operator of Remembering You Flowers and Gifts, credits Sheriff Victor Hill with the increase in business and decrease in crime. “I’ve done business Clayton County for years and have seen how people respond to Sheriff Hill. It’s clear criminals want no parts of Clayton County because of Hill’s no nonsense approach crime. He truly protects us here. I’ve seen clients more willing to come to the county for their orders and me and my colleagues who are local business owners reap the benefits.”

Sheriff Hill, known as “The Crime Fighter” does not talk with media, but seems very accessible to Clayton residents according to social media posts. Recently released crime statistics from Clayton County shows burglary is down by nearly 20%, robbery 10%, theft 9.51% and the homicide rate is down 8.11%. It is worth noting that while Clayton County can boast of decreasing crime rates, it is not the same for all metro-counties.

With Clayton County being located near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, experiencing a massive decrease in crime and noted as a “hot spot” for hiring according to a 2020 business report, it may be the new place for business opportunities in the metro.

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Give Clayton County Commissioners in Council most could just get the streets of Clayton County cleaned up it’s the nasty streets I’ve ever seen in my life

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