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Business Leader Expert, Author, Terry Budget Helps New, Aspiring Leaders Bring Out Their Inner Alpha To Become Exceptional Leaders

Written By Norma Stanley


Business leadership expert and author, Terry Budget believes everyone has the potential to push past average and become exceptional leaders. As a result, he has designed a unique blueprint to help aspiring leaders bring out their inner “A.L.P.H.A.,” and significantly increase their ability to influence and lead others.

A decorated United States Army veteran, with 21 years of award-winning service including tours in Kuwait and Iraq, Budget credits his military training and the discipline and fortitude developed as a result, with inspiring his leadership approach and current success, and says there is tremendous benefit to infusing certain components of military training, into the leadership training he does for companies and organizations today.

“Military leadership is different from corporate leadership with respects to structure, language, tempo, and development,” says Budget, author of the book, ‘The Leader’s Blueprint.’ “The ability to influence in the military is primarily based on rank structure rather than charisma, finesse, or empowerment and is much more black and white, while the corporate world operates in shades of gray. I help aspiring leaders understand how to leverage key aspects of both sides,” he continued. “What I share in the book and in my training, particularly for people with past military training, is how to use the directness and fortitude they learned in that career, and encompass it successfully with the more human side of their own personality, to empower people in their corporate careers,” he said.

The founder and CEO of ALPHA Success, LLC, Budget has been a speaker and trainer on leadership for more than 20 years. He trains aspiring leaders at various companies, colleges and universities on his leadership philosophy, which primarily focuses on character, diversity and communication.

His philosophy includes creating the acronym A.L.P.H.A., which stands for Attitude, Leadership, Purpose, Honor and Acumen, characteristics he says are key ingredients to achieving success and becoming an effective leader.

“I created the acronym and the ALPHA philosophy because if you can remember the word, you can internalize the meaning,” says Budget. “My ultimate goal is to get people to move past being average. The world is filled with average people, who get average results. These are not “true” leaders. They are simply managers. On the other hand, ALPHA’s lead people into the unknown, they challenge what already exists and encourage others to do the same. ALPHAs change the world, so if you want to become an influencer and make a difference, everyone should become ALPHA-minded,” he said.

In addition to his book, “The Leader’s Blueprint,”(How Average Leaders Become A.L.P.H.A.s and Why You Should Too (Lee’s Press Publishing), which was published in 2017, Budget released a new book earlier this year entitled, “Who Says I can’t Be a Boss?” Seven Strategies Women Should Use to Lead and Win in Business (Chosen Vessels Publishing). Budget says this book fills a gap in books written for women in business.

“This is the age of the women’s movement and I noticed there are books written for women in business by women in business and there are books written for women by men, but usually about relationships, life, marriage, and similar topics,” he shared. “However, I have not found a book written for women in business by a man in business. Therefore, you could say I tapped into a new niche,” said Budget.

Budget was also inspired and mentored by both his mother and grandmother, two important women who had an incredible impact on his life views and success.

“My grandmother and mother were my first mentors when it came to understanding how to successfully maneuver this thing called life,” shared Budget. “Even with just a 9th grade education, my grandmother knew how to conduct business with other groups and make decisions quickly. She was also smart enough to ask for help when she didn’t know the answers and my mother, because she made decisions that enabled me to have options for my future,” he said.

Other key mentors for Budget included his military supervisors and exceptional leaders like the late Dr. Myles Munroe.

“My military supervisors set the example for what I should consider to be important, by providing purpose, direction, and motivation and help me on the path to find my true leadership identity,” shared Budget. “Dr. Myles Munroe was a great mentor because he defined for me what it means to be a leader from the heart and mind and his teachings defined and shaped my leadership mentality and attitude that I share when I am training others,” he said.

In addition to looking at creating a leadership academy for youth groups, corporate leaders and women groups, where he can help shape the minds of future leaders and teach them how to embrace diversity, become collaborative with others, build more generational leaders to make a positive impact in all areas of industry, business, politics, and churches, etc., Budget is in the process of writing his third book, which he says will focus on the seasonal changes of leadership.

“When I say seasonal changes, I’m not referring to weather. I’m referring to the experiences a person will face as they become a leader and during the process of leading,” said Budget. “We all have these seasons, including me. I am no different than anyone else. I still struggle at times to make the best decisions I can and still fight against old ways of thinking,” he continued. “I want people to know that we all have our experiences that challenge our belief in ourselves. However, if they can see themselves as I can, then they will know that there is a true leader inside them who can make a difference. I want people to know that I want them to become their best selves– the ALPHA and If my words and my work can change the life course of even one person for the better, then my time in this life has been well spent,” he said.

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