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Can America survive Donald Trump and his legion of misguided followers?

Opinion Piece by: Georgia State Representative, Roger Bruce

Can America survive Donald Trump and his legion of misguided followers?

Yesterdays riots in Washington, DC sent several messages to the country and to the world about this country. It is evident that millions of people are still caught up in the racial issues that have plagued us since the inception of the country. The positive is that the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris says that it is not the majority of the country.

The actions in Washington yesterday were instigated and condoned by this President. His behavior led to injury, death and the destruction of federal property. He must be held accountable for his actions and not allowed to use any pardon process to walk away without answering for the terrible things that happened in our nation’s capital.

Donald Trump’s behavior is not normal and draws question as to his ability to serve, even for the short period of time left in his term. His unwillingness to accept the outcome of the election and his willingness to allow his ego to overshadow his logic and to have him ignore his responsibility to protect the country and citizens has risen to a criminal level. His unwillingness to accept the scientific and medical realities related to covid-19 has resulted in the illness and death of hundreds of thousands of American citizens. It appears that he is set on a course of action for the balance of his term that will continue to cause harm and death. It has to stop.

The 25th amendment was put in place for times such as this. It is obvious that Trump has abandoned his office and has put our country in imminent danger. Two weeks is a long time to have someone with questionable mental capacity to serve as commander in chief of a military might and weaponry the size of the United States. The Vice-president and cabinet members have to step up and invoke the 25th amendment.

Written by: Roger Bruce, State Representative, District 61




Russ, Lil Baby, & Boi-1da Are Dropping New Single Tonight

Though Russ has occasionally fielded his share of criticism, the independent rapper has been in the midst of an undeniable tear. For one, his recent CHOMP EP found him flexing his bars alongside some of the game’s top tier spitters, a roster that has already accepted him as one of their own. And now, with another new project clearly on the horizon, Russ has joined forces with one of hip-hop’s biggest superstars to deliver his next single.

Russ Lil Baby

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram, Russ confirmed that his upcoming track will feature both Lil Baby and Boi-1da, a stacked combination to be sure. With the track “Ugly” already having been released in select international markets, it should be interesting to see how Russ’ big drop will perform on the commercial charts. Musically, Boi-1da’s instrumental is a horn-driven affair, anthemic in the chorus and more restrained when the verse kicks in. Switching things up from the CHOMP style, Russ opts for a more melodic flow, one that blends nicely with Baby’s own delivery.

“BOI1DA x RUSS x LIL BABY,” announces Russ Diemon, sharing a snippet of the bawdy music video on his Instagram page. “THIS FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT. y’all ready?!?!” Should you be interested in seeing how a Lil Baby and Russ collaboration turns out, be sure to check back at midnight to peep “Ugly” in full. Given everything Russ has dropped during his recent run, where do you stand on the versatile emcee?  

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Meek Mill Says The U.S. Might Be The “Most Racist Country” After Capitol Riot

Yesterday, Americans and the international community alike looked on as a violent mob stormed in the U.S. Capitol, breaching security and breaking windows to gain access to the building. There, pro-Trump protestors who organized the protest that led to the eventual storming looted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office and posed for pictures at her desk, among many other destructive acts. Many have already chimed in to comment on the acts of domestic terrorism, with Meek Mill being the latest addition to the growing list of celebrities speaking out. 

Meek shared a shot of a protestor who had managed to make it all the way down to the floor of the House. Preceding with a devil emoji paired with an American flag, the Philadelphia-bred rapper captioned the post, declaring the United States, “might be the most racist country in the world, adding that he “lost hope seeing this today!!!!!!” 

He continued, “We about to take some 757’s to Africa give America a break!,” suggesting the Black community in the United States charter the commercial jets and leave the country. 

The violence at the Capitol resulted in one protestor being shot in the chest and in critical condition before succumbing to her injury later that day. Former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter all stepped forward to condemn the violence at the Capitol as well. 

In other Meek news, he and Drake are reportedly shooting a new music video together in the Bahamas. 


Snoop Dogg Wins AEW Match With “Snoop Splash”

Maybe Eminem should be worried about Snoop Dogg because everyone’s favorite happy-go-lucky Uncle Snoop just proved he’s still got some fighting skills, hopping into the ring at All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite last night and winning a match with his patented “Snoop Splash”.

When Snoop Dogg was advertised to make an appearance on AEW, nobody quite knew what to expect. Some fans of the program envisioned him on the commentary panel considering his tremendous job calling the Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. bout. Others thought that he would be performing on the show, introducing one of the wrestlers. It turned out that Uncle Snoop was there to pull off a spirited dive from the top rope, landing a frog splash to get the victory in an impromptu match. 

Making a cameo on the show and remixing Cody Rhodes’ entrance music, Snoop came out to the ring and wanted a piece of the action after Serpentico and Luther began brawling with Cody and Matt Sydal, heading to the corner and driving through Serpentico’s chest with an awkward-looking frog splash. Cody began counting, handing Snoop the win in an impromptu match-up.

Snoop has a history of working with the WWE, rapping on his cousin Sasha Banks’ entrance music. The company surely won’t appreciate him popping up on their competition’s programming.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

What did you think of Snoop’s aerial skills? A little stiff, but good enough to grab the W!