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Adam Levine Debuts Newly Shaved Head in Maroon 5 Video!

Adam Levine has a brand new look!

The 41-year-old singer debuted his newly shaved head in his band Maroon 5‘s music video for their new single “Nobody’s Love.”

In the video, Adam sings while sitting outside and he’s seen rolling and smoking a joint.

At the end of the video, a message from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is shown.

“It’s time to end the War on Marijuana. The aggressive enforcement of marijuana possession laws needlessly ensnares hundreds of thousands of people into the criminal justice system and wastes billions of taxpayers’ dollars,” the statement reads. “What’s more, it is carried out with staggering racial bias. Despite being a priority for police departments nationwide, the War on Marijuana has failed to reduce marijuana use and availability and diverted resources that could be better invested in our communities.”

Check out the lyrics to the song right here!


Tom Cruise Wears a Mask for Helicopter Ride in London

Fri, 24 July 2020 at 1:23 pm

Tom Cruise Wears a Mask for Helicopter Ride in London

Tom Cruise gives a thumbs up while boarding a helicopter on Friday (July 24) in London, England.

The 58-year-old actor was spotted traveling by air and he wore a mask, which is now mandatory in London while out in public.

Thandie Newton recently opened up about what it was like to work with Tom on the movie Mission: Impossible II over two decades ago.

After the comments went viral, one of Tom‘s ex-wives actually followed her on Instagram and fans are loving that they seemingly are bonding.

Now, Leah Remini is opening up about Thandie‘s comments. As you probably know, there is some history between her and Tom because of her former connection to Scientology. Check out what she had to say in response to the story.


Pia Mia Drops New Song ‘Hot,’ Talks About Making the Music (Exclusive Interview)

Pia Mia just dropped her brand new song “Hot” and you can check it out right here!

The new track is the follow-up to Pia‘s song “Princess,” which has been streamed over three million times after its release a few months ago.

Pia is also an actress and will be seen in the upcoming movie After We Collided, the sequel to last year’s popular movie After.

We spoke to Pia about her new music and you can check out the full interview below, but make sure to listen to “Hot” first. You can stream it below or download now on iTunes!

Click inside to check out our new interview with Pia Mia…

Read our interview with Pia below!

JJ: What was the creative process behind both “Princess” and “Hot”?

PM: As an artist, I think it’s inevitable to have ups and downs on your journey in music. Especially because I started so young, I was 14 when I signed with Babyface. I’m growing up with my audience, every celebration, every growing pain is all there in my music. On one particular day, I was feeling down and had a long drive ahead so I decided to play throwback songs and “Kiss Kiss” by Chris Brown and T Pain came on. My mood changed and I felt an immediate high. It sparked in me an excitement and motivation that I had been looking for and needed for so long. I already had a studio session scheduled that night and knew I was going to flip the song. That was a night to remember, definitely adrenaline filled and so fun creating, laughing and bonding, bringing “Princess” to life. Chris and T Pain are two of my favorite artists and I’ve known both guys for a while. “Princess” is more in honor of them and the inspiration they’ve given me throughout my life and career. “Princess” is empowering. “Princess” is about taking care of the person you love, whether it’s with a big or small gesture. The bottom line of “Princess” is if you’re mine, I got you forever.

With “Hot,” I wanted to be very straight forward. You better keep it real hot, period, simple as that. “Hot” gives us a space to push the boundaries and express our sexuality. I think women, just like men, should be able to say what they want, speak up and go get it, without a fear of being judged. That’s Hot.

JJ: Has it been challenging staying creative throughout quarantine?

PM: I’ve had a lot going on during quarantine to keep me creative. I released my first single called “Princess” with my new team Republic Records, Electric Feel and my manger Troy Carter. Shot a quarantine visualizer over FaceTime for “Princess” and planned that whole rollout. I dropped my second single HOT 7/24 and am currently in the middle of organizing a couple visualizers and the official music video for HOT. I also began releasing and am writing my first fictional book series The Princess Diaries: Sand, Glitter and Silicone, which I’m releasing chapter by chapter on Wattpad. Wattpad is an interactive site where my fans can read along as I write and leave me comments and support me work with likes and votes. I love Wattpad for the interactive aspect and also because it’s home to the book series After which has now been turned in to a major motion picture franchise which I am honored to be acting in.

JJ: Should we be expecting a video for “Hot”?

PM: The “Hot” official music video is currently in the works to be shot in Los Angeles. I’m home on my island of Guam after four months solo in my Los Angeles condo and am very excited about shooting a local visualizer or two for “Hot” while I’m here. Although there isn’t necessarily an entertainment industry on island, I am excited to see what I can create that will introduce you to my island and the culture that I was raised in.

JJ: “Princess” has garnered over 3 million streams. Why do you think your music is resonating with so many?

PM: I think my music resonates because it’s real and relatable, easy to listen to and showcases the genuine passion I have for what I do. Some of my music comes back around again and again, like “Do It Again” ft Chris Brown and Tyga. That song was a big success for me when it was originally released and then recently went viral again as we went into quarantine on the digital platform TikTok, accumulating over 5 million original videos and hundreds of millions of views. I love that Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things) actually choreographed a dance to “Do It Again” and uploaded it. From there, it got the attention of some of my favorite creators like Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, JLo and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, etc. and that’s how it went viral almost overnight.


Jeffree Star Speaks Out Again on Social Media Amid Controversy: ‘It’s Okay to F–k Up’

Jeffree Star is once again speaking out after receiving backlash for problematic behavior, as well as his role in beauty YouTube community drama between Tati Westbrook, James Charles and Shane Dawson.

After making a video breaking his silence about the situation days ago, Jeffree came onto his Instagram Story on Friday (July 24) to address his audience.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jeffree Star

“Good morning, everyone…it’s another day. It’s a beautiful, brand new day. So don’t let any motherf–ker stop your bag…always do you, and be the best version of yourself you can be,” he said.

“For some reason, there are so many people worried about what everybody else is doing. Bitch, I’m not worried about who else is making money, what anyone else is doing, I’m trying to provide for me and my family. 2020 has been so crazy,” he continued.

“I’m just trying to focus on me, my best friends, my employees, my circle, and you gotta make sure everyone’s good. But most importantly, you gotta make sure that yourself is good. And I wasn’t good. I’m getting back on track and I feel amazing and I am being the best version of me. It’s okay to f–k up. It’s okay to slip up. But baby, take responsibility for your own actions and your own actions only. For some reason, it’s always the people that know you the least that really have the most to say about you. Continue to do you always.”

This brand just cut ties with Jeffree amid the controversy.

Here’s what he said while apologizing to James Charles