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In Response to Covid-19 Wrecking Havoc on Black and Brown Communities Two Black Chiropractors in Atlanta are Changing the Face of Health and Wellness

Aligned 4 Life Wellness Opening New Location on Atlanta’s Southside
During an unprecedented time of the Coronavirus pandemic, which is killing people of color with underlying conditions at a more rapid pace than others, two Atlanta-based chiropractors are determined to help black and brown communities learn to live healthier, longer lives through understanding the overall holistic health benefits of chiropractic treatments.



Dr. Brandon K. Williams and Dr. Joseph Fowler, Jr., are partners in Aligned 4 Life Wellness, a holistic chiropractic practice providing service for a wide range of health and wellness issues, including expertise in addressing back, neck pain, headaches, nutrition, and a variety of health ailments, through chiropractic adjustments.

“The World Health Organization’s definition of health is not only the absence of disease and infirmity, but is the complete mental, physical and social well-being of a person, and that is also our definition of health,” says Dr. Joseph Fowler, Jr. “There is a lack of understanding of what chiropractic, particularly in Black and Brown communities and our goal is to not only treat, but educate these communities on how chiropractic helps to heal the body through taking care of the nervous system,” he said.

With the onslaught of the Coronavirus Pandemic on communities across the country, ensuring that the stresses of life that people are experiencing during this challenging period does not overwhelm them mentally and physically, is another area in which Dr. Williams and Fowler’s practice is helping their patients.

“When we’re stressed as many of us are during these challenging times, the body creates cortisol, which stimulates the increase of blood pressure and abnormally heightened levels of mental and physical stress,” says Dr. Williams. “Chiropractic adjustments has both physiological and psychological benefits because the treatments help release endorphins in body, which reduce cortisol levels. As a result, the body and mind can relax and people can sleep better, and have better quality sleep, so the body can repair itself and recharge,” shared Dr. Williams.

Dr. Williams and Dr. Fowler’s have been partners for seven years and met back in chiropractic school, after having personal experiences with the wonders of chiropractic health as young men. As a result, both wanted to enlighten people in the Black and Brown community about how important chiropractic can be to the maintenance of one’s overall health.

“Chiropractic is looked at as a “country club” profession and approach to health, in that only wealthy white people go to chiropractors, but we want to change that perception about its accessibility and help Black and Brown communities benefit more from what we do,” says Dr. Fowler. “It is a fact that less than one percent of the chiropractors are people of color, but chiropractic has been in my family for years and helped me have 10 additional years with my father, who had heart disease and stroke and was co-managed by a cousin who was a Chiropractor,” he said.

Aligned 4 Life Wellness offers services for people of all ages. Their patients range from as young as three days old and as old as 99 and they treat individuals and families needing services resulting from injuries from sports, car accidents, or any conditions impacting the nervous system or musculoskeletal system along the spine, involving muscles, ligaments and joints. Additionally, the doctors also counsel patients on developing healthy lifestyle and occupational habits involving diet, nutrition and exercise.

“We are two black male chiropractors who love their families and their communities and want to go the extra mile for our patients and be here for our community, particularly during this time when so many of us are succumbing to Coronavirus because of underlying issues, some of which can be prevented,” says Dr. Williams. “Our motto is: Your health is your wealth, so if you want to be fine, take care of your spine!”

A grand opening for the new location will be held Saturday, January 16 beginning at 11:00a.m, at Aligned 4 Life Wellness located on Atlanta’s southside in the historical Lakewood area, 1800 Jonesboro Rd, Ste G, Atlanta, Georgia 30315.

For more information, go to www.aligned4lifewellness.com. For media inquiries, contact: Kevin C. Pride at Influencer 365 at 770/870-8806.


Crowdfunding Campaign and Food Delivery Drive to Sustain Community Wellness

iwi fresh Farm Oasis

Location, Date: ​Holistic wellness center, iwi fresh Farm Oasis, is launching a crowdfunding campaign on the platform: ifundwomen. iwi Farm Oasis kicked off the crowdfunding campaign on Saturday, December 19th with a Food Delivery Drive headquartered at the Farm Oasis 1800 Jonesboro Road Atlanta, GA 30315 for frontline workers at Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center South.

It is our intention to jump start our funding campaign by raising $50,000 initially. Our complete fundraising goal of $500,000 will cover the rental cost of all of the black owned small businesses under the iwi Fresh Farm Oasis, payroll for staff and subsidized wellness programming for frontline workers in the community.
Yolanda Neals of Kindred Healing Center, partner of iwi Farm Oasis expresses the necessity of crowdfunding: “Black businesses experienced the most acute decline, with a 41% drop from February 2020 to April 2020.” There are 15 black owned wellness businesses within the Farm Oasis.
“Funds raised through our campaign will ensure we remain sustainable to continuously serve our community, directly, with holistic health and wellness throughout 2021.” asserts Yolanda Owens, Owner of iwi fresh.

For more information about the iwi fresh Farm Oasis, or to donate, visit:

iwi fresh Farm Oasis 1800 Jonesboro Road Atlanta, GA 30315 www.iwifresh.com P: 404.509.7462
iwi fresh believes in the power of the FYSTT: “Feeding Your Skin TheTRUTH with fruits and veggies from the farm”. We partner with local neighborhood farms and community gardens to handpick raw vegetables, fresh fruits and organic herbs. The Skincare Chef, Yolanda Owens, juices the FRESH crops in our in house kitchen at our Farm-to-Skin Spa to create raw skincare recipes using her grandmother’s home remedies. iwi Farm Oasis is a holistic wellness center located in the Lakewood Heights community of Atlanta, GA. We are an ecosystem of 15 black- owned wellness businesses.
For more information contact: Khadijah Nuriddin, Marketing Director: farmoasis@iwifresh.com

Contact: K​ hadijah Nudriddin ​
Office​: ​404.509.7462
Email:​ ​farmoasis@iwifresh.com
Website​: w​ ww.iwifresh.com Social​ ​Media​: @iwifarmoasis


ManCave Atlanta celebrates the holidays with brunch for professionals

ManCave Atlanta hosts exclusive holiday brunch celebrating the holidays and its recent opening with some of Atlanta’s notable entrepreneurs and professionals.

ManCave Atlanta, a new upscale men’s spa and event facility, located in the Lindbergh neighborhood of Atlanta’s luxurious Buckhead District hosted a holiday brunch on Sunday, Dec. 20, for Atlanta’s professionals and entrepreneurs to celebrate the holidays and its recent official opening.

“I appreciate everyone who came out to help celebrate and support ManCave Atlanta during our holiday brunch,” said Darnika “Nika” Platt, owner of ManCave Atlanta. “I’m overjoyed because people can actually see my dream and all of the hard work that my staff has put in to help bring it life. A lot of amazing people attended our holiday brunch and I look forward to seeing each and every face again when they return for our services.”

With spa services available to the general public, and exclusive perks for members, ManCave Atlanta officially opened its doors on Dec. 7.

Attendees were able to take a tour of the facility and receive a sample of services while also partaking in ManCave Atlanta’s complimentary menu which was catered by Chef Mike. The menu featured a seafood medley with salmon croquettes, shrimp and grits, and Cap’n Crunch french toast that was served with a Hennessy drizzle and mixed fruit.

Some of the notable Atlanta entrepreneurs who attended the holiday brunch to support ManCave Atlanta include Alphonso Cross (owner of Parlor Cocktail Bar), Octavius Terry (owner of Groom Menswear), James Hunt (celebrity credit guru), Brandon Patton (owner of Evan Alexander Grooming products), and Dominique Maddox (owner of EATS Restaurant Brokers),

For more information about ManCave Atlanta and to inquire about services and memberships, please visit https://www.mancaveatlanta.com/.


About Mancave Atlanta
Located in the Lindbergh neighborhood of Atlanta’s Buckhead District, Mancave is an upscale men’s spa that features manicure and pedicure suites, facial and massage suites, a private barber suite, a cigar suite, and a large business and sports suite that can also be utilized as an event space. The facility comes from the vision of owner Darnika “Nika” Platt, who combined the concept of a mancave, the experience of the television show “Cheers” and the idea of self-care for males into a one-stop-shop for Atlanta’s elite gentleman.


December is Expressing gratitude

What gratitude actually means?

We hear a lot about gratitude and being thankful, however, what is it truly? There are two fundamental viewpoints in the idea of gratitude: feeling grateful for something that is essential for our life and perceives the individual or substance liable for this good thing in our life.

In spite of this, gratitude is related with perceiving how fortunate or favoured we are to have the option to appreciate even the most commonplace parts of our lives, yet additionally perceiving that it comes from the assistance and consideration of others.

If you finish an assessment, you may feel pleased with your own work. You may like feel thankful for your companion who gave you his notes, your accomplice who tuned in to your practices, or even an otherworldly figure you petitioned.

I think the social part of gratitude is a piece of what makes it so certain for us and the individuals around us: in addition to the fact that we become mindful of the multitude of positive things in our day to day existence, we like become mindful of the multitude of individuals who aided make this workable for you. Pushed to its best, gratitude makes us kinder to others, as we perceive the worth or participation and common assistance.

The significance of gratitude:

In the science of joy, there was an entire week devoted to gratitude. Is it that imperative to joy, even from a logical viewpoint? Of course, the gratitude response is yes.

Basically, gratitude is an approach to make ourselves see the glass half-full rather than half-unfilled. Being gratitude about the easily overlooked details is a pathway to feeling thankful for our life in general, great and awful. This gives medical advantages, for example, the decrease of tension and stress.

However, gratitude is additionally an approach to effectively neutralize negative contemplation and sentiments. How might you feel desirous of others, while feeling gratitude for what you have? Gratitude helps eliminate (or possibly reduce) the propensity for correlation, jealousy or envy, the requirement for additional, for vengeance or to keep track of who’s winning.

Gratitude encourages us feeling content with what we have, feel less need to possess more or to be superior to another person. Subsequently, we can zero in on turning out to be better ourselves, instead of contrasting ourselves with others. Eventually, gratitude helps to have more beneficial connections, incorporating with our better half, loved ones, and helps to be kinder and more accommodating to others too.

Be that as it may, gratitude isn’t related in with turning into the dolt who leaves oneself alone misled by others. Nor is it about being guileless about the world. I emphatically accept that feeling more gratitude towards life is an approach to be more grounded inside, additional in harmony with ourselves as well as other people. it is an approach to be stronger to negative scenes in our lives, as we take energy from its positive parts, to be more substance, and all the more certain about who we need to be and what we need.

How to develop gratitude?

There are numerous approaches to assist us with reshaping our cerebrums into feeling more thankful for our lives when all is said in done. One of them is to plunk down and effectively consider what you are thankful for now. This little gratitude works out, rehearsed regularly enough, helps to change our perspective and, over the long run, feeling more thankful about our life by and large.

What our proposes is to transform December into an activity of gratitude. Consistently beginning tomorrow, consider what you feel grateful for. Something little or enormous, unremarkable or extraordinary. What’s more, consider who you feel thankful to, also. Who encouraged you to get this positive component of your life? Maybe you could even let them know.

What I offer is an approach schedule of gratitude. Beginning tomorrow, similar to you would open your approach schedule and eat chocolate, plunk down for five minutes and record one easily overlooked detail you feel gratitude for now. At that point, on December 25, get each of the 24 bits of gratitude together and read them once more.

By: Huma Aslam

Content Writer- Buzz 920

Social Media Team- SDP3