2018 PVIFF Screenplay Finalist Jeremiah Paul Tells All

2018 PVIFF Screenplay Finalist Jeremiah Paul Tells All

ATLANTA, GA- College student Jeremiah Paul is the screenplay finalist for the 2018 Peachtree Village International Film Festival for his screenplay Hide Your Fires. “I’m hoping to take this experience to inspire me to keep writing and improving my craft,” he said.

Hide Your Fires follows a young married couple, Ceres and Janos, as they learned they are unable to conceive a child. Paul wanted to create a piece of art that tackled the abstract of questioning human existence. It explores the societal issues of mental health, depression, and taboo topics.

Notable films such as Blade Runner and Ex Machina inspired the futuristic setting of his screenplay, as well as Manchester by the Sea, encouraged the way he wanted to thematically explore topics. He reclaims a scene particularly in Ex Machina in which influenced his script, “Domhnall Gleeson’s character cuts his arm to see if he might be a robot, and he is losing his sense of reality. There’s a concept similar in my script that tackles the same loss of reality for my primary characters.”

Hide Your Fires was a final project for his screenwriting class for the University he attends. The Lake Charles Film Festival accepted the screenplay as well.

Before writing his first screenplay, the 20-year-old worked as an entertainment journalist for Movie Pilot and published over 200 articles and editorials. Over the years, his love for writing has evolved into plays, poetry, essays, and short stories. He has had poetry and essays published in popular publications.

The young writer is just getting started and does not plan on stopping soon. He is currently developing another screenplay that expresses the capability of humanity. “It’s abstract questions that push my creativity forward… it’s my need and desire to make it feel real,” Paul said.

Paul originates from East- Central Pennsylvania; and is currently studying Biochemistry and English Professional Writing at Barry University in Miami, Florida.

“This dynamic international film festival showcases feature-length films, shorts, music videos, documentaries, and screenplays from around the globe. PVIFF also features celebrity attractions, innovative workshops, panels, parties, and much more.”

The 13th PVIFF will take place from Oct. 11 – 14, 2018 in Atlanta. For more details, visit the festival website.

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